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1 Year Being His Fiancé

9 Ogos 2009 M bersamaan dengan 18 Sya’aban 1430 H

The Dulang for The Engagement Ring
Today marks our 1st year as an engaged couple and with that, I decide to share my story on how we came up with the decision to get engaged. I was still in the UK and was rather surprise when he mentions to take another step forward over the phone. He did give me links on engagement rings choices and diamond sizes to white gold or platinum. But I was silly enough not to get the hint! I guess because the other half loves to talk about evergreen stuff ranging from fashion attire, handbags to jewelry so when he gave those links, I just give him my opinions what I find beautiful not getting the hint! Would you believe that I don’t know anything about diamonds until the other half explains to me the sparkle, the carat and all the details! Anyhow, winter last year; he came to UK and there the parents called the both of us and talked. That it’s best for us to take a step forward in the mist of preparing a wedding as our relationship is almost 5 years that time. I guess he knew that the discussions coming hence, the internet links and ring choices! Simple right? No engagement proposal what so ever, just a discussion made from the parents.

So whilst I was still in UK, the other half visited my parents and told his intentions of his next step forward; engagement. He mentions it over dinner with my parents and my mom thought he was joking and my dad was shocked! Hehe tediam bah my dad and te-stop from makan.. The other half is a spontaneous type of person and just gets direct to the point so that shocked my dad. Both my parents agreed and let I decide the final decision to agree on the engagement. Then over skype, I talked to my mom and she mentions about the other half on his intentions, I just kept quiet and give me sometime to think. Yes, most of the ladies out there would be so excited when it comes to getting engaged but surprisingly, I didn’t get that feeling just maybe because my mind was occupied with dissertation in mind and exams.

My Engagement Ring & Pembuka Mulut Ring
After dissertation and exams, he came to UK again to find the “perfect” engagement ring for me. We did browse through a whole lot of selection around London and I’m torn between choices. Ranging from high end jewelry boutiques from De’Beers to Tiffany & Co. to the regular jewelry shops when I found the perfect one at H.Samuel! The other half insisted on the tiffany princess cut ring but when I tried on it, it doesn’t really suite me that well. Noting Wow & Aww, although the thought of having the blue box with white ribbons do feel tempting but the shoe just doesn’t fit so we search elsewhere. De’Beers engagement rings~ I’ve got to love their designs! The other half loves it too but the price is over the top so we just keep that as one of our wish. We settled on the “Forever Diamonds” it just perfect. I love it because the diamond is lifted by 4 prongs and inside the ring is engraved with the word “forever” with a diamond in its “o”. When the ring got adjusted to my size, paid and collected, from that moment; the feeling is more assure that I’ll be someone’s fiancé soon.

The engagement ceremony was very simple. I had my attire tailored last minute and bought the material at Shimco, luckily my long time tailor Winnie of NIE boutique is being very sweet and kind to complete the attire in less than 1 week with highlights & embroidered. I had my girlfriends helping me out with the make-up and just simple! Mum wanted Ally MUA to do make up but I told her that it’s just an engagement and I don’t want to waste money because I’m not working yet!

The function is fully arranged by the parents, from the tents to the food and beverages and door gifts. The food and beverages came from in-house, my mom has a catering business so that saves cost. The door gifts! I forgot what it was but I think it was this traditional snacks (?) sapit and other kueh kering. The engagement ceremony, Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Noting grand to share about the ceremony, just a ceremony where the elderly discussing on the future wedding plans. I had my best friend and my brother being unpaid photographers for me. I will just share photos of my rings for Pembuka Mulut & Tanda Tunang, as I prefer to stay anonymous for the time being. =)

My Forever Diamonds Engagement Ring

My personal view on bertunangan is it’s a phase for you and your other half to do the wedding preparations; it will certainly test both you and your partner patience. Kata orang-orang tua, “jangan batah-batah mun udah tunang, kawin tah capat-capat” I guess ada benarnya with pesanan dorang pasal... Pertunangan ialah hanya satu komitmen yang belum pasti.. could be a happy ending or the other way round *Nazubillah Minzalik* Protect your pertunangan phase because it is true that telalu banyak dugaan dihadapi, kerana hasad manusia yang dengki, sakit hati dan sebagainya boleh melakukan perkara tidak baik bagi meruntuhkan mahligai yang akan dibina.

GOOD LUCK & STAY STRONG to the engaged couples out there who’s in the mist of preparing your wedding just like me. Sabar-sabar saja cia danger request dari parents, saudara-mara and friends. Patience.

The Pembuka Mulut Ring bought by the fiancé's mother.
Dear fiancé,
Little that we know we’re on our 1st anniversary being engaged. We’ve been through a lot of hurdles throughout our 5 years of relationship but I’m glad that we came to realize that we needed each other. To our happy endings.

With lots of love,
You’re other half.

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