Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Matters.

I just wish I have the time to read ALL these magazines.

When I just started talking about purchasing bridal magazines, every time mom came from her Miri trip there will be at least one bridal magazine. There's more in her room because she's doing all the reading whilst I just flicked through pictures, placed a post it as bookmarks and hoping i will have the time to read and look more into detail. Which, I don't have the time yet... Then, Fiancé's mother is also excited and brought magazines from London, catalogues of gifts, invitations loads more for choices and ideas!!

Then there's the Internet and the power of google that makes decision making much more harder!

Time... Time... Time... with both of us always working on a busy schedule, hectic is the only word.
My only mind relaxation is blog hopping for few minutes then back to work. Comes the stress with office paper works, back to blog hopping. At least a brief getaway in the cyber world. *sigh*

Five Tiered "Floral Avalanche" Cake, Peggy Porschen.
Taken from Wedding Magazine Aug/Sep 2010

However, that cake... I can't stop thinking about it... Its classic. Beauty and impossible to get THAT cake here in Brunei. It takes a lot of hard work and cost hundreds! *sigh*

I guess its the fasting season that made me look more into cake design that other stuff.

Wishing all the Muslims fasting period is treating you all well. =)

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