Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You’re Répondez s'il vous plaît

Photo Courtesy of Van-G

I was discussing with my parents about wedding venues and my dad insisted to have a wedding in a hotel. Yes, the past few months I’ve been contacting hotels banquet manager on the maximum capacity they can occupy, food & beverages prices and the packages included. So far I fell in love with only ONE out of the number of hotels however, it can only occupy up to 900people only. I will be having an appointment again this Friday morning with the banquet manager in one of the hotels that can fit more than 1000 people. This process takes a longer time because I need to widen my options and calculate the budget simultaneously thinking if it’s worth to pay thousands for a banquet.

By Friday, I might and maybe settle for a venue. I just need to visit this one hotel and get a peek on it and discuss. If the deal is good then I might just take it and tutup mata. Personally, small number of guest say around 500 people or 600 people is rather enough but my parents insisted me to search for a hall that can occupy 1000 people! I’ve made my guest list and sums up to 250 people that includes +1. So if I were to select the 900 maximum capacity hotels; that give my parents 325guest to invite with their +1.

Something interesting to know about most people who attend the wedding is usually a +2 instead of a +1 or even a +3. That leads to no seats available for the other guest to be seated and enjoy the wedding. It’s risky and tricky too, some say from the number of invitation you sent out subtract 20% and that will be your real guest. Say 500 invitation sent out only 400 will attend with +1 and you have like an extra of 200 seats available. However, if you were to make your wedding in a hotel that offers BND$25/head or above will certainly be wastage to pay extra empty tables don’t you think? That is what I’m afraid of!

So I merely suggested my parents to have a R.S.V.P. Confirm guest will be allocated to their seat husband and wife. Mixed seating. Due to circumstances that the guest is invited with their family then they will have to reply text or call to tell the number of family members they will be bringing even if that guest decides to bring the maid, still included in the guest list. Well no matter what, all the invitations will be provided with a RSVP card or maybe just text or call to confirm their attendance. No wastage in invitation cards and also you know how many guest will be coming to witness your wedding reception. Say if a guest is not able to come to the wedding, and you forgot to invite someone, they could replace that empty seats. You also can confirm to the hotel how many guest will be coming and not paying extras too.

My parents replied? “kadang-kadang orang ani menyaya bah.. durang bagitau tah 2 orang sekali datang nya seraban” and my dad just nodded with agreeing what my mom told. I once attended my relative wedding in Malaysia and they have this R.S.V.P thing and she told me that it’s just great plan. We were seated accordingly with family members and not with strangers and I find it very pleasing. Anyhow, They didn’t object nor agree with my suggestion but, I just hope I can make that plan work! And hope that as we step in a modern era, people perspective will change towards attendance of wedding invites and be more professional by... replying to R.S.V.P... *amin*

By the way,

SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADHAN to all Muslim’s around the world. Di dalam bulan yang penuh mulia ini. Semoga puasa kita mendapat keberkatNYA.

Fasting starts tomorrow!


  1. Selamat menyambut ramadhan =)

    Btw dear, rsvp is a good way to track ur guest.. facebook pun dah ada rsvp kan.. tp apa2 lebihkan bajet dr jumlah sebenar takut2 mula2 kata tak datang tp akhirnya dtg juga hehe =)

  2. Salam Nora =)

    Yelah kan RSVP is effective when the guest pandai gunakan.. I'm still unsure kalau kan sini they know how to utilize this system.. coz kalau hall yang kecik guest pun kurang and takut pulak takde tempat duduk kalau lebih orang which is always the case~ =(

    Ouh yeah, facebook can be one tetapi kan what i observe, kalau jemput pakai facebook orang kata tak professional pulak~ kalau ada invitation baru nak datang.. kalau melalui facebook takde orang nak datang.. susah kan...