Friday, August 27, 2010

Guling Tangan

Photo Courtesy of Irama Bahtera Cultural Troupe
Planning a bride’s reception is much tedious than for the groom’s reception because the ladies need to think about the entertainment! To keep the guest entertained either by volunteered guest with great voice singing along with the karaoke machine, hiring a live band singing requested songs, religiously; some may have a group of people reciting zikir for the bride and groom and more into the Brunei tradition is Guling Tangan. Some prefers to save cost by playing slide shows with love songs in the background. Hence, I’m saying there are a lot of varieties to entertain the guest.

However for me, noting beats the sound of the traditional guling tangan. Especially now they made a fusion by mixing them with the sounds of electric guitar, bass guitar and even violin! The songs played were mostly traditional with mixture of modern too. Most of the Brunei guling tangan I must say is indeed very good in sound arrangements that are suited for all ages. Elderly loves the guling tangan and flute sound while the young’s love the mixture of electric guitar. Ouh! They do sing too along with the songs! Plus plus! =)

I would love to have the guling tangan group to play at my wedding reception! The other half also agrees because its very traditional and its once in a life time too. You wouldn’t order guling tangan in normal functions right apart from wedding? So I say, its worth the splurge!

There are a few of Guling tangan group I stumble across.
  1. Irama Bahtera Cultural Troupe   <3 I might be considering them because I heard they played at my friends wedding and lawaaaa
  2. Putera Irama Sri Harmoni  You’ve got to visit their blog and see the little guy who played the guling tangan! So talented and cute!! Not bad too. 
  3. Canang Sambilan    No preview only pictures of them, would love to hear them play though  
  4. Guling Tangan Warisan  No preview of their guling tangan too but I heard they’re good as well and has been in existence for quiet sometime (?)   
  5. DKS Culture Group Experienced guling tangan group, performed for RTB and all.
Anymore guling tangan groups in Brunei that is not in my list? Drop me a comment! Would love to promote them to future brides in Brunei too.

Next post will probably be collections of love songs that me and the other half personally love! Something we plan for our evening reception i.e Malam Ambil-Ambilan or Majlis Malam Doa Kesyukuran. InsyAllah. 

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