Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Videographer Anyone?

I'm searching for affordable videographer for my Akad Nikah and Majlis Bersanding.. i know it's considered way early as my wedding will be nearly the end of next year... but i need to prepare early..

I concentrate too much on photographers that i forgot all about videographer and now I'm still searching for one...

I don't know much on videographers except two professional ones that is way beyond my budget.. *sigh*

So anybody? Recommendations? Links?


Btw, Thanks dinda for the great help! appreciate it so much *hugs*

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Beauty

Alhamdulillah I'm progressing smoothly... 

Make up Artist 

I have tons of recommendations from friends, relatives and from my blog hopping on make up artist, going through their portfolios, checking out their make up under different lightning and I have finalize all my make up artist. 

Event 1: Majlis Bebedak Siang - Still searching.. thinking of getting trials because it'll be a simple function noting over the top.

Event 2: Majlis Akad Nikah & Hantar Berian - I try calling her but she ran out of credit.. text her but no reply... still no firm confirmation

Event 3: Majlis Berbedak - BOOKED! =) 

Event 4: Majlis Berpacar - BOOKED!  =) 

Event 5: Majlis Bersanding - BOOKED! =)

Event 6: Majlis Ambil- Ambilan - BOOKED! =)

Event 7: Muleh 3 Hari/7 Hari - Still pending because no confirm dates yet... 

I know I am months ahead on my wedding day but to get the best make up artist is tough now a days.. you have to booked them at least 1 year ahead to fit comfortably in their schedule.. 

Do feel free to contact me if you need any recommendations... =) I have a lot of Make Up Artist numbers with me.. It would be best to contact me personally for their numbers than me sharing it publicly because some make up artist wants their number to be privatize. 


I believe in moments, photographers being able to capture the moment of happiness in the bride & groom eye's, the family members, guest and etc. I love looking at artistic sharp moments that by just looking at one photograph can explain how the environment in the wedding look like. So hiring a professional photographer is not a waste. Pricy it will be but the I trust the output from it will be very rewarding. 

My mom told me "It's once in a life time so no matter how expensive it is as long as it's beautiful and captured the moments" =) love my mom so much for being understanding and supporting! 

So, i've finalize my photographer for THREE Major events paying slightly premium. The idea was to hire a professional photographer to cover the two events that has me and the other half in it. Because the output i.e the album will have two of us in it instead of me alone which will be boring.. 

Alhamdulillah, I've paid the deposit for firm confirmation and date blocked for me on the three events. Paying by installment monthly with a handful amount and what's great about it that.. I'll finish paying them by April. Way ahead from my wedding date. Plus plus. <3 

For the minor single events such as Malam Berpacar, Malam Ambil-Ambilan & Muleh 3/7 Hari.. I have already a few top list photographers. Will have an appointment with them soon after the other half comes back from work. If I'm satisfied with their portfolio than i'll secure a deposit to block the following dates for the events. 

I'll update more on my attire &  doorgifts... attire that i'll be using for the following events.. fabrics bought for some major events.. leaving few things need to be done... and doorgifts.. sorted! Leaving a little more to do.. will update more on that soon? 

Perhaps this would be my last entry for this year.. 


To the BRIDE TO BE in 2011! Say hello to your wedding year~ =) 

To those tying the knot on new years day.. Selamat Menempuh Alam Perkahwinan and especially to Hazlynda.. Selamat Pengantin Baru <3 

Jakarta-Bandung Travel Review

Assalamualaikum readers,

I know that it has been so long I haven’t update my blog due to circumstances that I am busy at work and not much progress happening lately but I did promised to blog on my Jakarta-Bandung shopping trip right? So this entry is just perfect to those who will be planning to go to Indonesia for wedding preparations. 
BUT… before I share my wonderful experience in Jakarta-Bandung..

Would like to say Thank you for the wedding invitation Hazlynda Kushairi <3 Terharu jugak coz its my first ever wedding invitation from Malaysia.. I received your invitation just after I came back. Unfortunately I came to work and saw my leave was not approved soon after I came back from Jakarta. I had plans on going to Kuala Lumpur through Miri and wanting to experience a Malaysian wedding in west Malaysia but the assistant boss rejected my leave =( maybe because I didn’t bring her any lace from Indonesia kot?  *sigh* Anyhow, Hazlynda.. Selamat Pengantin Baru.. May this new journey in your life will bring many blessings from Allah S.W.T and to new beginnings! *hugs* 

Thanks for the Invitation Lynda <3

The Journey

16th December 2010: Departed Brunei International Airport (BWN) at 2240hrs and safely arrived in Sukarno Hatta International Airport Terimal 2 (CKG) at 2300hrs. Alhamdulillah, two drivers that we arranged earlier on waited for us at the arrival hall and brought us to Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel.

Ibis Hotel Mangga Dua Room
Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel Toilet hehe.. 
Hotel? Well we didn’t expect the road going into the hotel would be some dodgy area filled with hawkers selling bakso, ayam goreng and food. Stalls selling shirts, cd’s and many more. It was a scary experience for someone their first time in Indonesia. The hotel provides us with Free Internet Wireless service. The drawback was the hotel was not carpeted so it gets cold towards the night and the bed isn’t that comfortable, my friend’s fiancé pillow even had moulds! We requested for a new one but never came~ less lighting and cozy in the room.  My overall review would be towards the end alright? =)

17th December 2010, Friday:

0600hrs: Departed Jakarta for Bandung, stop by the service area for our breakfast at KFC because that’s the only restaurant that opens 24hrs.
0900hrs: Driver brought us to Golden Money Changer an official money changer. VERY GOOD RATES! Bring Singapore dollars for slightly higher rates! They will need your passport for identification and verification purposes. Golden Money Changer building looks like a bank and what’s most important is safe!

1030hrs: Pasar Baru, Bandung

This place is heavenly!

We went to 5th Floor first to get ourselves Indonesia SIM, purchased the Simpati Telkomsel for less than BND$20! Suites best to those who are always on the GPRS/WAP services slightly slow Internet but at least we can facebook status update, foursquare checking in. Blackberry phone is used widely here so those with blackberry handphones are a bonus! They have this special package, which I’m not sure of.
Okay, I can’t explain the exact feeling when I was at Pasar Baru but I can assure you that in Pasar Baru! LOADS and LOADS of varities to choose from. Say, your looking for the Kebaya Sulam? LOADS! Price wise? From high quality material ranging from $50/each to $20/each. Those nice sulam telekong, praying mat, the telekong that here in Brunei is selling for $100+.. there? Slash of half the price! Dirt cheap I tell you! You can get high quality stuff for the price of what you probably buy in Brunei of a low quality item. Seriously! No words can explain how I felt cheated too. Pasar Baru has like 8 floors full of good stuff!

Kain Sulam at Pasar Baru, Bandung
Telekong <3 Beautiful! 

Looking for lace? Pasar Baru is definitely the place! 2nd Floor! Whole floor of laces! French laces Ranging from less than BND$15/metre to even BND$200/metre. The lining is dirt cheap compared to what they sell here, would you believe the lining for the lace material is only BND$1.00/metre! You will go crazy looking at varieties of lace to choose from, colors to pick because I did! Well, we all did! The sale assistant will throw to you loads of lace with lining and you’ll go “Mas! Saya mau ini ya! 4 metre!” then another sales assitant throws another set of lace to your friend and you go “Neng! Saya mau itu jugak 4 metre!” it never stopped! We spent almost 6 hours in ONE lace shop ONLY! We even forget that we haven’t had our lunch! Just imagine the excitement~ not remembering to eat till the boss asked us if we had our lunch! The boss was so kind enough to order good food and treat us! Well he should be because we spend like thousands of BND there!

Kebaya Sulam! Pasar Baru, Bandung

Yang mana satu pilihan hati? 

Bought my Telekong for hantaran there for less than BND$20.00 of a very good quality fully embroidered with beautiful flowers! Comes with a bag too! Nice I tell you, very nice! 

1700hrs:  Check in to Swiss Arion Belhotel
Got to LOVE this hotel to bits! 

The staff is extremely friendly, we had a welcoming drink from the hotel.. Even had the traditional music played using the traditional instrument as shown in the picture below.
Welcoming =)
The Toilet

The ROOM? So nice! Comfortable beds! Puffy pillow! The toilet is great everything is great! Breakfast is so good here and so relaxing!  Free internet~  Definitely will stay here again!
Swiss Arion Bellhotel Room <3

1930hrs: Paris Van Java

We all had a lovely dinner at The Taste restaurant for authentic Indonesian meal. I can’t believe that food is cheap there! We ordered and ordered to a point that we had to tell the waitress to cancel our order if it’s not yet cooked because we over dosed ourselves with Soup Buntut, Ikan Bakar and many more! Talk about food heaven! INDONESIA is just the place!
So we didn’t do much shopping in Paris Van Java. I guess it’s just a place for Nongkrong i.e. Hanging out. There are varieties of shop there like MNG, Guess, Sogo and many more but noting wow about it. It’s a beautiful place though. Love the interior design or that building. Loads of restaurants to choose from.. 

Paris Van Java, Bandung
Beautiful Sun Flower at Paris Van Java

18th December 2010, Saturday:

0930hrs: Rumah Mode, Factory Outlet

Checked out from the hotel and proceed our shopping journey at one of the factory outlet. There’s actually few to choose from but we ask our driver which one are the best and he told us Rumah Mode is usually the place Bruneians go crazy!

Top Factory Outlet stores in Bandung:
  • Rumah Mode
  • Heritage
  • Secret

Been to Bicester village? Portsmouth outlet in UK? Personally this is way better! Well Bicester village is still the best because you can get off season handbags for a reasonable price. Rumah Mode is a place when you want to purchase a burberry jeans for just BND$40, an Armani shirt for BND$20. Stuff like that. We all went excited that we forgot to go to the handbags and shoes section! Bummer!

Rumah mode is NOT the place for your wedding preparations BUT is THE PLACE if you want to go OVER BUDGET!  Or should I say? Melarikan budget! *LOL* we had our lunch there over at Rumah Mode, had my first bakso in Indonesia and So delicious!
Rumah Mode Entrance.. 
Rumah Mode, Factory Outlet

The Entrance to the Food Court at Rumah Mode, Bandung

1430hrs: Journey back to Jakarta. A note to those who is planning to go, it’s always best to avoid traffic jams and on weekends. Because the journey to Bandung on weekends can take up to more than 3 hours even 4 hours! Massive traffic jams! That is why we choose to go back to Jakarta when everyone is going to Bandung for the weekends! Plan smartly *wink*

1930hrs: Plaza Indonesia.

Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

WEEKEND! Stucked in traffic for more than an hour. Reached to Plaza Indonesia or should I say the BEST area to be in Jakarta at about 8.45pm and shop closes at 9p.m, 9.30p.m and some close at 2.a.m. Had dinner at Fish & Co because that’s the first place we saw when we arrive. Only manage to look around the shops because most of the shops we targeted are already closed. Went to Hard Rock Café after we had desserts at Häagen-Dazs. What’s at Plaza Indonesia? Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman, Valentino. You name it! They have it! <3  They even have Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo <3 Talk about me having culture shock! I didn’t expect it at all.  At one point I feel that I’m at Bond Street or more like Westfield! Sparkling in my eyes! 

19th December 2010, Sunday
0900hrs: ITC Mangga Dua & Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua

The driver told us to be early he dropped us of at ITC Mangga Dua. The area is like a 30minutes walk from our hotel Ibis but since we have a driver all to ourselves for the days we’re in Indonesia, it’s best that we utilize it and we felt safer that way.

ITC Mangga Dua, Jakarta

What’s at ITC Mangga Dua & Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua?  Two buildings connected with an aerobridge that you wouldn’t know you’re in the aerobridge because the whole building is filled with good stuff for wedding preparation or business! Wedding Souvenir’s, Invitation cards, Rambut Palsu, those jewelleries from the wedding boutique? All here! Price? CHEAP! Far off than what you can get in Brunei. They even sell ready made beautiful wedding gowns at very cheap prices! Cheap I mean BND$200-$500 for something that is very beautiful, fully beaded and so lawa! Flower girl dresses! EVERYTHING lah!
Something to keep in mind, DON’T bring someone who can’t stand crowd! Because in Mangga Dua, its so crowded! It’s heaven for ladies but hell for men’s! haha The telekong here in Mangga Dua is way better quality too. I sort of regret buying it at Pasar Baru, Bandung but whatever, still happy. But I guess, telekong would be best if purchased at Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua or ITC Mangga Dua. 

1230hrs: Senayan City

Another mall that we LOVE! Bottega Veneta <3 again, malls that is filled with all the brands! We went crazy shopping here also… Came out with shopping bags because most of the designer labels are on sale!! Despite not being able to claim GST still considered cheap because of the 30% off! Then we continued our journey to… 
Senayan City, Jakarta

Senayan City, Jakarta
Grand Indonesia

And again… went crazy! Here is the place if you’re looking for Chanel. Grand Indonesia has two wings. East and West if I’m not mistaken. If you go to Grand Indonesia DO go to the top floor where ALL the restaurants are! Its so beautiful up there! The design is based on the restaurant theme; Japanese cuisine will have bamboo surroundings very Japanese. Then hop into Italian and French there a replica of Moulin rouge and fountain. It’s just lovely! Will definitely go here again. 

Around a line of restaurants at Grand Indonesia

<3 Lovely! Grand Indonesia

Coffee? Grand Indonesia
20th December 2010, Monday

MOI – Mall of Indonesia

Curiosity kills so we went to check out what’s in MOI. Noting much. Bored, called the driver and brought us back to Plaza Indonesia! Shopped like crazy again because some designers 30% off! You know what I like about designer labels in Indonesia? Their service! Its like in UK <3 Very warm, welcoming, helpful and wonderful, can’t help NOT buying any because they’re so sweet!
Then we went to Plaza Senayan soon after... We’re looking for Miu Miu and the sale assistant from LV plaza Indonesia told us only at Plaza Senayan has Miu Miu, to kill our curiosity we went there from 1730 till 2030hrs. A very nice place, has LV, Valentino, Miu Miu, all the designer labels you can find in Plaza Indonesia.

21st December 2010, Tuesday

0130hrs – Checked out Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel to Sukarno Hatta International Airport for our flight at 0505hrs to Bandar Seri Begawan *Yawn*
Did not sleep at all so we ordered room service while watching TV~ super tired after last minute packing!!

I would personally recommend if you’re finding a hotel in Jakarta, find hotels that is located near the huge malls. Areas around Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia. The driver recommend us to stay in Escort Hotel if we plan on traveling next time because it’s walking distance and shop closes late. Ibis Mangga Dua hotel is alright provided that your target is just buying souvenirs for wedding, invitations and sorts but Mangga Dua shops opens at 0900hrs and closes at 1830hrs. You will certainly need to go out for dinner so if you were around the grand Indonesia, plaza Indonesia, looking for restaurants to dine in wouldn’t be a problem.

I wish we spent more time in Bandung because I heard there’s more compared to Jakarta, even people from Jakarta goes down to Bandung to shop.

Security issues? Alhamdulillah we didn’t experience any trouble there. It’s safe to say that Indonesia is safe. The people are so kind, warm and welcoming. We love the food, we love the hospitality and Jakarta, Indonesia is now one of our top destinations to go to for shopping. =)

Feel free to contact me if you need any help. Happy to help and share my experience and hope you will too. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I'm BACK from JAKARTA just today..

So tired yet fun...

I have LOADS to share... shopping shopping shopping...

From Jakarta to Bandung...

Definitely will be going there again in March!

Stay tune for my travel experience for wedding shopping in Jakarta-Bandung.. =)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Discussion of dates.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Parisi

The MOST vital issue is your wedding date! because everything revolves around it from venue, make up artist, photographers, videographers, pelamin, catering, tents etc. etc.

Discussion should also be made among your family and the other half family with acceptance to some close relative and never ever take account what distant relatives or friends views because what i understand and heard from past brides, accounting to people needs = you can never have your wedding because there will be hundreds or possible thousands of reasons for e.g. your relative neighbor son's is getting married sometime next year.. then there's "i'll be very busy at that month because its the peak hour at work" and loads of other reasons. That made you postponed and more like accounting to their needs but not them accounting to your needs. Besides, it's your wedding. 

Sure i took account of my best friend's and friends wedding date to avoid any clashes of guest. Another thing is relatives who are like my first cousin who plan on getting married but, since we're only left two who is still single waiting to be hitch that is not a big issue to discuss. Holidays, will people be available by then? exam season? o levels? a levels? summer holiday? minor stuff that yes, can actually give a huge impact. For example, your cash flow. Say, you were saving for 18 months and on a tight budget, the next thing you know, your wedding is being fast forward 3 months early, Every month your saving is like around $2000... with that just 3 months i.e $6000 you could pay off your rent at the wedding boutique or your photographer. See the huge difference?

Anyhow, enough ranting. Alhamdulillah that my family and the other half family have discuss on our wedding date. We were asked to list out three options that we both preferred and comfortable with. My brother and sister in law being my advisor to maintain the date with reference to the available cash by then because I'm avoiding personal loans. The other half family understands and taking into account festive season, the starting of semesters in UK this and that. Fist option was middle of october towards the end october. Second was the 1st week of november. Third option was end november towards early december. We scrap off the second option because Hari Raya Aidiladha falls on probably the 6th November or 7th November. Risky i suppose. Then the third option is a little too far and very close to my best-friend's wedding, entrance for masters in UK is also past due by then. So we go along the first option! A balance! from rough discussion to have it on early november is being forwarded to end of october. No objection from both sides of the family and cash flow is safe!

So... InsyAllah.. badan sihat murah rezeki... OCTOBER 2011 it is... 

You know at one point, this wedding thing is all about the money!! No money = no talk with vendors = no business with venues = no talk with photographers etc. banar inda? 

I hope and i wish that there will be no amendment of dates. We tried our best to avoid that 11.11.11 date because we know everyone is going for that~ we sacrifice not having a beautiful date for our wedding~ just as long as we're married and both of us is happy. That's all that matters the most. 

One of the reasons why I hope and wish there are no changes is simply because..

I've booked the venue+catering for my reception.. Alhamdulillah they still have slot for october. Deposit to be made next month and by then, i have a promised venue and catering. 

I'll start on the MUA soon, still browsing.. 
Photographers will be after my Jakarta Shopping Spree.. 

My fiance told me... 

Times wait for no one.. 

Banar jua tu ah.. mun kan mensatisfy orang lain punya needs..anak si atu lah kan kawin jua... sibuk kraja lah.. peak time lah.. this and that...  tani pun inda kawin sampai bila bila.. Now just let them sync with you and not you sync with them... agree? 

And also one thing.. about times wait for no one.. if you take this discussion of date lightly... and if you decide to have your wedding elsewhere apart from your home would be so hard and stressful because searching for the perfect place  that can fit the perfect invitation is hard~ then your MUA might also have other clients to attend, your vendors, your caterings~ ALL ABOUT TIME! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

No Progress!

When i decide to open up this blog, i thought "This blog will keep me going for wedding preparations" so there's progress but only a LITTLE! I don't know what else and how on earth to get that mojo back! I lost track on bride to be wedding bloggers and I'm so so sorry i haven't got the chance to go blog walking, only visited and read few of my top b2b blog. 

I guess the END month is ALWAYS busy for ALL... wedding.. works.. etc... and I'm one of them! I haven't got the chance to open up my wedding book and start revising all what needs to be done, need to find and everything! 

The indonesia trip will in 2 weeks time (?) See my maths also kaput! and i haven't manage to make a list of what to buy and how many to buy this and that... 


I have my cousin wedding next week at Miri, Sarawak to attend to and I'll be rushing down to Miri right after work, i must be at the Post kawalan by 4.30pm (government rules) and then zoom, check in hotel, bersedia untuk majlis reception that evening and also the following sunday morning! My baju pun belum ambil at tailor yet... 

I'm ranting... Just so you know ALL BRIDE TO BE!



1. Boleh menaikkan darah tinggi.
2. Boleh menaikkan berat badan = stress = makan *applicable for stress eaters
3. Boleh membuatkan giler sikit kalau terlalu ramai orang nag this and that.. 
4. Boleh membawa maut! Ni kes parah kalau sampai nak bunuh diri.. hehehe...* Nazuzubillahi minzali*


Surprisingly... i have only ONE friend yang somehow guessed correctly who am i! Kan i prefer to stay anonymous for the time being but SHE guessed it correctly berabis! hahah so HELLO L! <3