Friday, December 3, 2010

No Progress!

When i decide to open up this blog, i thought "This blog will keep me going for wedding preparations" so there's progress but only a LITTLE! I don't know what else and how on earth to get that mojo back! I lost track on bride to be wedding bloggers and I'm so so sorry i haven't got the chance to go blog walking, only visited and read few of my top b2b blog. 

I guess the END month is ALWAYS busy for ALL... wedding.. works.. etc... and I'm one of them! I haven't got the chance to open up my wedding book and start revising all what needs to be done, need to find and everything! 

The indonesia trip will in 2 weeks time (?) See my maths also kaput! and i haven't manage to make a list of what to buy and how many to buy this and that... 


I have my cousin wedding next week at Miri, Sarawak to attend to and I'll be rushing down to Miri right after work, i must be at the Post kawalan by 4.30pm (government rules) and then zoom, check in hotel, bersedia untuk majlis reception that evening and also the following sunday morning! My baju pun belum ambil at tailor yet... 

I'm ranting... Just so you know ALL BRIDE TO BE!



1. Boleh menaikkan darah tinggi.
2. Boleh menaikkan berat badan = stress = makan *applicable for stress eaters
3. Boleh membuatkan giler sikit kalau terlalu ramai orang nag this and that.. 
4. Boleh membawa maut! Ni kes parah kalau sampai nak bunuh diri.. hehehe...* Nazuzubillahi minzali*


Surprisingly... i have only ONE friend yang somehow guessed correctly who am i! Kan i prefer to stay anonymous for the time being but SHE guessed it correctly berabis! hahah so HELLO L! <3  


  1. life is buzy but its life hehehe ! samala kita bz aje :(

  2. hehehe yep yep no matter how busy preparations must go on and life must go on.. hahaha =)