Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Discussion of dates.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Parisi

The MOST vital issue is your wedding date! because everything revolves around it from venue, make up artist, photographers, videographers, pelamin, catering, tents etc. etc.

Discussion should also be made among your family and the other half family with acceptance to some close relative and never ever take account what distant relatives or friends views because what i understand and heard from past brides, accounting to people needs = you can never have your wedding because there will be hundreds or possible thousands of reasons for e.g. your relative neighbor son's is getting married sometime next year.. then there's "i'll be very busy at that month because its the peak hour at work" and loads of other reasons. That made you postponed and more like accounting to their needs but not them accounting to your needs. Besides, it's your wedding. 

Sure i took account of my best friend's and friends wedding date to avoid any clashes of guest. Another thing is relatives who are like my first cousin who plan on getting married but, since we're only left two who is still single waiting to be hitch that is not a big issue to discuss. Holidays, will people be available by then? exam season? o levels? a levels? summer holiday? minor stuff that yes, can actually give a huge impact. For example, your cash flow. Say, you were saving for 18 months and on a tight budget, the next thing you know, your wedding is being fast forward 3 months early, Every month your saving is like around $2000... with that just 3 months i.e $6000 you could pay off your rent at the wedding boutique or your photographer. See the huge difference?

Anyhow, enough ranting. Alhamdulillah that my family and the other half family have discuss on our wedding date. We were asked to list out three options that we both preferred and comfortable with. My brother and sister in law being my advisor to maintain the date with reference to the available cash by then because I'm avoiding personal loans. The other half family understands and taking into account festive season, the starting of semesters in UK this and that. Fist option was middle of october towards the end october. Second was the 1st week of november. Third option was end november towards early december. We scrap off the second option because Hari Raya Aidiladha falls on probably the 6th November or 7th November. Risky i suppose. Then the third option is a little too far and very close to my best-friend's wedding, entrance for masters in UK is also past due by then. So we go along the first option! A balance! from rough discussion to have it on early november is being forwarded to end of october. No objection from both sides of the family and cash flow is safe!

So... InsyAllah.. badan sihat murah rezeki... OCTOBER 2011 it is... 

You know at one point, this wedding thing is all about the money!! No money = no talk with vendors = no business with venues = no talk with photographers etc. banar inda? 

I hope and i wish that there will be no amendment of dates. We tried our best to avoid that 11.11.11 date because we know everyone is going for that~ we sacrifice not having a beautiful date for our wedding~ just as long as we're married and both of us is happy. That's all that matters the most. 

One of the reasons why I hope and wish there are no changes is simply because..

I've booked the venue+catering for my reception.. Alhamdulillah they still have slot for october. Deposit to be made next month and by then, i have a promised venue and catering. 

I'll start on the MUA soon, still browsing.. 
Photographers will be after my Jakarta Shopping Spree.. 

My fiance told me... 

Times wait for no one.. 

Banar jua tu ah.. mun kan mensatisfy orang lain punya needs..anak si atu lah kan kawin jua... sibuk kraja lah.. peak time lah.. this and that...  tani pun inda kawin sampai bila bila.. Now just let them sync with you and not you sync with them... agree? 

And also one thing.. about times wait for no one.. if you take this discussion of date lightly... and if you decide to have your wedding elsewhere apart from your home would be so hard and stressful because searching for the perfect place  that can fit the perfect invitation is hard~ then your MUA might also have other clients to attend, your vendors, your caterings~ ALL ABOUT TIME! 

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