Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Videographer Anyone?

I'm searching for affordable videographer for my Akad Nikah and Majlis Bersanding.. i know it's considered way early as my wedding will be nearly the end of next year... but i need to prepare early..

I concentrate too much on photographers that i forgot all about videographer and now I'm still searching for one...

I don't know much on videographers except two professional ones that is way beyond my budget.. *sigh*

So anybody? Recommendations? Links?


Btw, Thanks dinda for the great help! appreciate it so much *hugs*


  1. most videographer from KL, yg lala survey lah.

    sudi2 lah baca link lala ni.

  2. I have the list in my blog too :)
    If you need more information especially on pricing, do email me yea :D I'd be glad to help :)

  3. Lala: wahh kat KL jauh but got to love how they capture moments.. best lahhh.... how i wish my wedding is in KL..

    Dinda: Wawwwww.. thanks dinda again... =) aku macam suka adam groove atu.. macam lawaaaa.. hehehe =)

  4. Yes, I like him too but Fiance nda. Lol! :p He's on top my list though ;)

    Oh oh.. It's might be worth it to check out this guy too

    Jumat Omar His package prices worth it lah to me :D

  5. Heheh i try contacting him yatah tunggu reply nya.. ngam lagi tu ia buat video kawin my fren and lawaa.. cute! hehe

    Jumat Omar? under apa tu? ada link nya dinda?

    Thanks alot dinda.. appreciate it soo much..

  6. Its mediacreative.org tpi don't know why, recently I checked his site mcm its under construction or maybe I got the wrong link. Someone recommended him to me. Oh! Mcm he's not in Brunei jua. Hmm.. Ntah eh. Huhu.. Sorry can't help much!

    p/s : ba update ta lge about your preps ;p

  7. Ouhh tapi web nya nda mau ahh... heheh but thank you so much for the help dinda.. =) Dapat dah videographer booked.. =)

    hehe i just updated.. macam beserabut mengupdate.. banyak eh to think about... ya jua kraja.. ya jua kawin.. haihh..