Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This and That

I don't know how brides to be managed to plan everything in less than 6 months! I have to salute those brides that can pull of her own wedding preparations in such short time!

I can't believe that my wedding will be this year! I kept mentioning at vendors, tailors, videographer that my wedding will be next year not realizing i am already in the "next year" i.e 2011! Less than a year to go for preparations and the other half is also starting to get the preparation vibes.

Bride's to be.. whatever preparations that needs to be done.. the one most IMPORTANT thing i can't stress more is WEDDING DATES! because all the business deals is all about time! Alhamdulillah we decided on a date so bookings can be made pronto without any hiccups *i hope*

For my Make up Artist, Alhamdulillah i've sealed the deal with few MUA as recommended by friends and family members. For my Akad Nikah & Hantar Berian is already booked! Leaving me two minor events for Berbedak Siang and Muleh 3 Hari..

As for the search for videographer..  Thank you so much to Dinda. I've found the one i love and managed to contact the videographer, sealed the deal. Deposit will be done this sunday! I even recommend the videographer to my best friend and she even sealed the deal right away. Thank you again dinda.

Videographer in brunei is still limited so i rely on dinda side toggle to search for one =)

  1. Adam Groves  <3
  2. Masamichi Studio <3
  3. Cinematicpro  
  4. Songket Tiara
  5. Snowberry Studio
  6. Rajul Adli
As for my wedding attire, I've bought textiles from Indonesia and will drop by the wedding bridal boutique soon when the other half goes on leave. =) 
  • Majlis Akad Nikah & Hantar Berian - Still pending probably in March Jakarta trip
  • Majlis Berbedak Siang - DONE! need to get quotation and send to tailor
  • Majlis Berbedak Malam - DONE! need to get quotation and send to tailor
  • Malam Berpacar - DONE! need to get quotation and send to tailor
  • Majlis Bersanding - NEED TO GO BRIDAL BOUTIQUE SOON! 
  • Malam Ambil-Ambilan - Pending probably buy textiles in Jakarta Trip.
  • Muleh 3 Hari - DONE! need to get quotation and send to tailor

As for my shoes that i'll be using on the events... ALL DONE! *lol* See, this is the FIRST thing that is completed! Shoes! Alahai just when i thought that i won't purchase any shoes... well i did... 4 pairs to be exact! i have a total of 7 new pairs of shoes waiting for the perfect time~ So no more shoe shopping or shoe testing or whatever goes along shoe fitting. I bet you ladies understand the love.. the feel when the shoe just fits perfectly and for not buying it? Is such a pity to see the shoe being display not having an owner yet.. hahaha 

As for my Doorgifts... gahhh too much to talk about.. might talk about this when march comes along.. so  many!!! 

As for my Wedding Invitation... I'm still searching for a place in Brunei that offers considerable price. Yes you can call me Karit i.e Stingy. But I'm not spending more than B$1.00 for my wedding invites. I just feel it's such a waste to spend more than that when you know once your event is done, it will be thrown away to trash. Might as well use that money for something else worthy. Initial plan was to make the invitation in Jakarta. I even had the one that i love brought back with me BUT with the hassle of emailing, money transfers, the cost of ticket and all sorts. It sort of balances out don't you think so? Then had thought of making them in Malaysia but again, the excess baggage! 

Eh macam macam lagi kan d buat ani eh.. kepisan! 

Take care lovelies! <3


  1. yeay ! this year awesome gud luck dear =)

  2. don't mentioned it! gladly to help everyone out :) happy to see that you have found the one! :D Yay!!! I love what you love ;)

  3. Nora: yep yepppp this year!! wahhh rasa nak panic dah ne.. thanks nora.. =)

    Dinda: Alhamdulillah.. without bloggers gerenti nada dapat mencari.. thanks to technology also now a days.. =)