Friday, January 21, 2011

DIY: Pomander Rose

First of all Thank you so much to the feedback i received on the Artificial flower i.e the Foam Roses. I received overwhelmed response and I'm so grateful.. ='')

So as Cinta mentioned that Hokko sell the foam roses, i went to visit there today and have a peek to Hokko pricing and all.. i found out how much the trays were sold at hokko and I'm not sure if that's cheap or pricy. Tempted to buy since it's 3 for BND$28.00 but you know how trend goes over the months... I'm afraid by the time my wedding on October this will be outdated.. so i hold my patience on that..

Trays sold at Hokko. 3 for BND28.00.

So i did managed to get the foam roses for BND$7.00 after less. The original price was $7.90. One stalk of the white roses as shown in the picture only has 6 flowers of size approximately 2.5"diameter and the dark pink has 10 roses in one stalk of size approximately 1.7" diameter. Yes it is pricy compared to elsewhere.. imagine i have to DIY my hantaran and the other half 30 dulang all together.. how many flowers may i need? For sure BND$500 can fly so fast one.. 

The Foam Rose and the ball... 
I know it's pricy and no way I'm buying them there for the hantaran deco but i bought 2 stalks of the dark pink roses and two stalks of the white roses for....

Photo Courtesy of Google ;)
POMANDER ROSE BALL! or when i googled, known as Kissing ball.. 

Tempting bah this pomander ball and can't help to try out.. the round sponge i bought in hokko is approximately 25cm radius cost me $5.00 after less. $5.50 is the original price.


will post the update soon after i find my glue gun! ;)

The purpose of this pomander ball? If it turns out great I might do another 4 for my bridesmaid or maybe for my one and only flower girl. ;)


  1. i just got back from kk to buy more roses foam, and bad news - abis udah the foam roses =( but i found cheaper roses at happy star bunut, cost 3.90 for 6 stalks and its more kambang. hehe

  2. Oh noo... =( laku banar tah tu ah.. If i were to find those foam roses with reasonable price di KK nanti i make sure to buy loads.. tapi nda jua tau bah brapa kuntum guna apa kan.. macam this pomander rose saja kir tah cukup skali inda.. sigh.. paksa lagi ke kadai membali.. .. but the flowers you bought at happy star match with yang you bought in KK? I did found some website alibaba trade kah that sells foam roses tapi in bulk hihihi

    btw thanks for the update tiara =)

  3. the one yg di happy star is a slightly bigger than the one i bought from kk. 6 stalks in a plastic. yg di kk 5 stalks saja. klu di mix, i guess nda ketara lah. grab it soon while stocks last. coz durg baru keluar kan last saturday. hehe. i also bought some pearl beads yg tali and it cost $1 per plastic, bleh tahan lah panjangnya.

    alibaba pun not bad kali, coz a fren of fren bought dr sana jua =)