Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Artificial Flowers

I spent almost 5 hours now surfing the internet searching for the correct keywords for the particular type of artificial flower material. Mission failed! I've been seeing a lot of hantaran decoration now a days used this kind of flower and since i'll be decorating my own hantaran for me and the other half, I need to purchase some artificial flowers. I'm searching for this kind... as shown in the picture below..

Courtesy: from some local blog.. ehee
Macam real kan?? Yatah I've been searching everywhere here in Brunei if they sell this kind of artificial flower.. went to the economy mart but nada... went to happy star pun nada.. di mana lagi ah?  I'm not sure in Kuala Lumpur, Miri Sarawak, Indonesia where ever.. where about do they sell these kind of artificial rose flower.. exactly like this one! It looks real and the texture pun nyaman, very soft and not silky. Sweet bah kan? *sigh* Di manaaa oh di manaa... 

I also like this design for hantaran... *angan-angan* Lawa kan?? I'm wondering fresh flower or artificial tu? If it's artificial WOW! looks real lah... Or is it me? I can't really differentiate now.. i guess i've been staring the laptop for too long... 

Photo Courtesy: Zafie Zainal Creation.

I'm really hoping that i'll find trays for hantaran on my next visit to Jakarta... I was told if in Kuala Lumpur, Nilai 3 or at Semua House? I never been to Nilai 3 or Semua house.. so i don't know where exactly.. when i went to KL, only went to Jalan Masjid India.. go to that batik malaysia place... haven't really discover malaysia much.. ke Jakel lagi nda pernah.... reading all the bride to be from Malaysia buying their chiffon beaded there sounds so tempting too! ... I did browse for trays like the ones in the picture in Brunei, the small one saja harga BND$30.00! alum lagi yang besar tu.. everything is so expensive... 

*mengusut* I'm in my mengusut mode.. 


  1. hai awak
    first time masuk sini
    sue beli dekat KL bunga tu,mmg nampak cam real
    dia panggil bunga foam if im not mistaken.
    harga kat sini around RM7.90 sejambak,ada 10kuntum

  2. Hai; you can get the foam flowers in Brunei too. Slightly pricy, di Hokko Kiarong. I bought it masa decorating my fren's hantaran. And the white trays, last time I saw it di KL. Murah!! Masa atu buy one free one, I guess pasal they are now using diff style for hantaran.

  3. hi dear,

    saye pakai bunga tu untuk hantaran saye dulu.. ade jual dekat shah alam...memang nampak real bunga tuh..harha RM9.90 sejambak so dapat 10 kuntum.
    kindly refer my blog for more info...

    hopefully this can help u dear =)

  4. Wahhh thank you soo much... may ALLAH bless korang semua... =))

    CikSue: Ouhh bunga foam!! thank you sooo much for info!!

    Cinta: Eh awuu hokko!! How cud i forget about that place.. hehe sal pricy atu kali yatah nda lagi menulih... but i guess i cud buy some to show sample if kan kirim... thanksss!! =D and yea.. the trays in KL i heard murah.. *sigh* masa ani trend bantal which in brunei ada sorang dah start soo expensive~

    Ieza: Thank youu so much dear.. at least i know roughly the price.. dekat shah alam at where ah? I hope i can get those flowers.. cantik sangat...

  5. Im going back to brunei nx wk, If you want InsyaAllah, klw sempat ku jalan2 this weekend..I can help you. Tapi nda ku berjanji. Pasal di Brunei bunga atu dlm BND8. Pricy kan?

    You can DIY your hantaran, cheaper! ehehehe. Usually if ku buatkan hantaran my friend/relatives for 12 gangsa I will spend approx BND70 saja for hiasan and etc.

  6. oh my cinta.. that's so kind of you.. :'') well, i think i just need d mana exactly the kadai and the name of the shop if you don't mind emailing coz kesian jua u if i were to kirim... The name of the shop.. the price of the flower and trays yang basi and kayu atu will do.. atu pun if it's not too much trouble..

    Awuu i'm thinking of DIYing my hantaran for both sides.. so total like 30 gangsa.. :/ still wondering brapa bungaaa kah i will need tu.. sigh..

  7. hellew bee =) thanks for the visit, I just bought the exact same flowers that u r searching for last mth at kaison, KK. i only went to the branch in 1borneo until i found out panya di centerpoint KK pun ada, n its bigger than the one in 1borneo. its around RM3.90 for 5roses. Will post it soon in my blog, (overdue since last december udah). hehe.

    check out link below, kaison furnishing fb,, confirm tempted brabish to go to kk pas ani. hehe. good luck =)

  8. Hi wedding tales... =) it's good to know that B2B bruneian bloggers is blooming too.. sharing thoughts and ideas.. Ouhhh di KK ah.. i haven't been to KK for a longgg time but now that you mentioned.. tempting! I don't have to travel all the way to KL now... So the bigger one sold at $3.90 for 5 roses is of what size if you don't mind? Bah update blog ah... I'm searching for red roses bah but it seems that they only sell pastel color and no reds...

    I just visited the FB page and OMG! bari iski!!! hahah now I'm looking at the calender for public holidays for me to hit the shop! Thanks dear..

  9. Awww, u bought it already =) Nda apa, pasalnya selalu jua sudah beli2 kan org. as my luggage selalu kosong..ehehehe

    Well, Masjid India area. Go to Semua House. Tingkat bawah, ada wedding shops sana. Even the bunga telur murah here. Sometimes RM49.90, a box of 25pcs. Buy 1 box free 1 box lagi!

    The trays here, murah too. RM25 for the large tray, and it's buy one free one too. Tapi ani lama sudah nda ksana, last in November. So, not sure what's the in-trend now...

    Oh well, bila lah we have those kind of shops di Brunei...Pricingnya pun jauh wah beza...

  10. Yep yep.. thanks a for telling d hokko bejual.. i bought it pun saja saja tuk liatkan my mom.. so ia dapat cuba cari d Miri.. and wedding tales told me d KK ada bejual so at least dakat maybe sanang cari sana.. =) thanks a lot! <3

    Tempting jua ah when u said bunga telor murah.. bunga telor nanti saja i'll buy coz now is too early karang ada yang trend baru kan... same goes for trays.. tunggu2 dulu hehe coz i saw during my cuz wedding in Miri... durang pakai basi tray ani bah.. tarus kira jadi gangsa.. eh macam macam banar.. hehe

    We have those kind of shops in brunei but then again.. biasalah.. mahal gaban.. *sigh*


    Check this out =)

  12. Saw the price tag and it cost 3.50 for 5 roses instead of 3.90 =)

  13. Thanks cinta.. =) macam macam eh orang menghias ani.. hehe rancam mata mikirkan how i will decorate mine..

    Wedding tales... ouhhh siuk nya meliat harganya... I'll be going to Miri to check out this weekend and if nada.. might go to KK membali.. hehe thanks dear =)

  14. salam

    hai...Jengah-jengah blog perkahwinan dan sekadar ingin berkongsi info tentang perkahwinan. saya ada blog yang mungkin boleh menolong anda mencari idea dan info2 baru tentang wedding dreams anda.

  15. Yes, artificial flowers are really awesome and need no maintenance, water. And to take a look everyday..