Friday, January 21, 2011

DIY: Pomander Rose

First of all Thank you so much to the feedback i received on the Artificial flower i.e the Foam Roses. I received overwhelmed response and I'm so grateful.. ='')

So as Cinta mentioned that Hokko sell the foam roses, i went to visit there today and have a peek to Hokko pricing and all.. i found out how much the trays were sold at hokko and I'm not sure if that's cheap or pricy. Tempted to buy since it's 3 for BND$28.00 but you know how trend goes over the months... I'm afraid by the time my wedding on October this will be outdated.. so i hold my patience on that..

Trays sold at Hokko. 3 for BND28.00.

So i did managed to get the foam roses for BND$7.00 after less. The original price was $7.90. One stalk of the white roses as shown in the picture only has 6 flowers of size approximately 2.5"diameter and the dark pink has 10 roses in one stalk of size approximately 1.7" diameter. Yes it is pricy compared to elsewhere.. imagine i have to DIY my hantaran and the other half 30 dulang all together.. how many flowers may i need? For sure BND$500 can fly so fast one.. 

The Foam Rose and the ball... 
I know it's pricy and no way I'm buying them there for the hantaran deco but i bought 2 stalks of the dark pink roses and two stalks of the white roses for....

Photo Courtesy of Google ;)
POMANDER ROSE BALL! or when i googled, known as Kissing ball.. 

Tempting bah this pomander ball and can't help to try out.. the round sponge i bought in hokko is approximately 25cm radius cost me $5.00 after less. $5.50 is the original price.


will post the update soon after i find my glue gun! ;)

The purpose of this pomander ball? If it turns out great I might do another 4 for my bridesmaid or maybe for my one and only flower girl. ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Artificial Flowers

I spent almost 5 hours now surfing the internet searching for the correct keywords for the particular type of artificial flower material. Mission failed! I've been seeing a lot of hantaran decoration now a days used this kind of flower and since i'll be decorating my own hantaran for me and the other half, I need to purchase some artificial flowers. I'm searching for this kind... as shown in the picture below..

Courtesy: from some local blog.. ehee
Macam real kan?? Yatah I've been searching everywhere here in Brunei if they sell this kind of artificial flower.. went to the economy mart but nada... went to happy star pun nada.. di mana lagi ah?  I'm not sure in Kuala Lumpur, Miri Sarawak, Indonesia where ever.. where about do they sell these kind of artificial rose flower.. exactly like this one! It looks real and the texture pun nyaman, very soft and not silky. Sweet bah kan? *sigh* Di manaaa oh di manaa... 

I also like this design for hantaran... *angan-angan* Lawa kan?? I'm wondering fresh flower or artificial tu? If it's artificial WOW! looks real lah... Or is it me? I can't really differentiate now.. i guess i've been staring the laptop for too long... 

Photo Courtesy: Zafie Zainal Creation.

I'm really hoping that i'll find trays for hantaran on my next visit to Jakarta... I was told if in Kuala Lumpur, Nilai 3 or at Semua House? I never been to Nilai 3 or Semua house.. so i don't know where exactly.. when i went to KL, only went to Jalan Masjid India.. go to that batik malaysia place... haven't really discover malaysia much.. ke Jakel lagi nda pernah.... reading all the bride to be from Malaysia buying their chiffon beaded there sounds so tempting too! ... I did browse for trays like the ones in the picture in Brunei, the small one saja harga BND$30.00! alum lagi yang besar tu.. everything is so expensive... 

*mengusut* I'm in my mengusut mode.. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bride To Be Resolution

I know we're on the 2nd week of January and I've just made my resolution. 

Me, as a bride to be in October... 


1. Try to focus on the NEEDS more than the WANTS.
2. Try my very best to stay within budget because.. it already went 10% above expected. *sigh*
3. Make loads of DIY project such as the corsages, guestbook, room decoration to save $$! 

On a 2nd note.. 

I'm down with a flu and fever..  =(( no mood to blog..

Have a lovely weekend lovelies <3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This and That

I don't know how brides to be managed to plan everything in less than 6 months! I have to salute those brides that can pull of her own wedding preparations in such short time!

I can't believe that my wedding will be this year! I kept mentioning at vendors, tailors, videographer that my wedding will be next year not realizing i am already in the "next year" i.e 2011! Less than a year to go for preparations and the other half is also starting to get the preparation vibes.

Bride's to be.. whatever preparations that needs to be done.. the one most IMPORTANT thing i can't stress more is WEDDING DATES! because all the business deals is all about time! Alhamdulillah we decided on a date so bookings can be made pronto without any hiccups *i hope*

For my Make up Artist, Alhamdulillah i've sealed the deal with few MUA as recommended by friends and family members. For my Akad Nikah & Hantar Berian is already booked! Leaving me two minor events for Berbedak Siang and Muleh 3 Hari..

As for the search for videographer..  Thank you so much to Dinda. I've found the one i love and managed to contact the videographer, sealed the deal. Deposit will be done this sunday! I even recommend the videographer to my best friend and she even sealed the deal right away. Thank you again dinda.

Videographer in brunei is still limited so i rely on dinda side toggle to search for one =)

  1. Adam Groves  <3
  2. Masamichi Studio <3
  3. Cinematicpro  
  4. Songket Tiara
  5. Snowberry Studio
  6. Rajul Adli
As for my wedding attire, I've bought textiles from Indonesia and will drop by the wedding bridal boutique soon when the other half goes on leave. =) 
  • Majlis Akad Nikah & Hantar Berian - Still pending probably in March Jakarta trip
  • Majlis Berbedak Siang - DONE! need to get quotation and send to tailor
  • Majlis Berbedak Malam - DONE! need to get quotation and send to tailor
  • Malam Berpacar - DONE! need to get quotation and send to tailor
  • Majlis Bersanding - NEED TO GO BRIDAL BOUTIQUE SOON! 
  • Malam Ambil-Ambilan - Pending probably buy textiles in Jakarta Trip.
  • Muleh 3 Hari - DONE! need to get quotation and send to tailor

As for my shoes that i'll be using on the events... ALL DONE! *lol* See, this is the FIRST thing that is completed! Shoes! Alahai just when i thought that i won't purchase any shoes... well i did... 4 pairs to be exact! i have a total of 7 new pairs of shoes waiting for the perfect time~ So no more shoe shopping or shoe testing or whatever goes along shoe fitting. I bet you ladies understand the love.. the feel when the shoe just fits perfectly and for not buying it? Is such a pity to see the shoe being display not having an owner yet.. hahaha 

As for my Doorgifts... gahhh too much to talk about.. might talk about this when march comes along.. so  many!!! 

As for my Wedding Invitation... I'm still searching for a place in Brunei that offers considerable price. Yes you can call me Karit i.e Stingy. But I'm not spending more than B$1.00 for my wedding invites. I just feel it's such a waste to spend more than that when you know once your event is done, it will be thrown away to trash. Might as well use that money for something else worthy. Initial plan was to make the invitation in Jakarta. I even had the one that i love brought back with me BUT with the hassle of emailing, money transfers, the cost of ticket and all sorts. It sort of balances out don't you think so? Then had thought of making them in Malaysia but again, the excess baggage! 

Eh macam macam lagi kan d buat ani eh.. kepisan! 

Take care lovelies! <3