Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Bloggers & Bridesmaid.

I can’t emphasize enough that wedding bloggers especially from Malaysia is very informative when it comes to their preparation. Each and every blogger has its own unique way in approaching their wedding day preparations. Some came up with deliriously beautiful ideas on wedding management. It’s so lucky that in Malaysia there are varieties of hall to be used for their wedding day and almost all the halls is all beautiful as it is. I even told my mother that I love my wedding to be in Malaysia, preparation makes it easier, consider a bit cheaper too compared to Brunei. It would be easier for my Malaysian relatives around Miri, Kuching and Bintulu but tough for my Bruneian relatives and friends.

Anyhow, I can’t THANK YOU enough for the heads up and inspiration on the bloggers wedding preparations. Especially on the tips on their Jakarta trip! At least I get a rough estimate how much money I will be spending there and what to seek for too. You see, I’m trying to plan my wedding without menyusahkan banyak my friends or relatives because they have a life, commitments and family to take care of. Since I’m the only girl between my siblings, preparations are a bit tough for me. InsyALLAH I hope I can manage my own wedding and be my own wedding planner. I have my bestfriend helping me out but she’s only available on weekends because she’s working in Seria.

Speaking of which, BRIDESMAID!

I’ve never come across Bruneian weddings having bridesmaid. There maybe few weddings that has bridesmaid but not the wedding that I’ve attended. Most of the weddings that I know only has flower girls which when one of them is very playful, everyone jumps in being playful and out of sync! Most well; all Malaysian weddings has bridesmaid! And I sort of like the idea of it too… first, if I have my girlfriends they could help in the seating arrangement... I.e. they can easily guide my other friends/ work colleagues to a certain area.

One thing about Brunei wedding even in hotels have this ladies on one side and men on the other and no mixed seating’s unless the bride request for only her friends to have mixed seating’s. This separate seating is still practice up till now and this makes the guest list even more because of the ladies. I’m not blaming but its fact. You go to a wedding with your husband/boyfriend/fiancé then when it comes to seating you get separated. The guys? Don’t worry because they can make friends easily and don’t care much but for us the ladies, we don’t want to be left alone, SO; we tag along our friend/children/sister to accompany us which makes the guest list +1! I did consult my parents that if would be nice to have mixed seating’s but due circumstances of M.I.B (Melayu Islam Beraja) my dad didn’t quiet agree on mixed seating’s because he’s afraid people might talk about it after the wedding. *rolls eyes* But still! I’m trying my best to convince for a mixed seating’s if my wedding to be held in some hotel or hall.

Back to bridesmaid! They could help me with preparations too especially me being the only girl in my siblings. I see a lot more benefits too which I am not sure what! What are the tasks of a Bridesmaid in a Malay Wedding? Its blur and I haven’t had the exact idea on it. However, how do I choose my bridesmaid? I know I have one maid of honor which is my best friend of more than 10 years! Bridesmaid… what is the maximum number? 8 is a crowd don’t you think?

On the bridesmaid attire, I have exactly what colors, design in mind! Shopping in Jakarta for bridesmaid attire would be one task! Need to get the right colors to match with their skin.

I’m sooooo excited just writing about bridesmaid till I’m lost in words! Till next time. I think I need to put in some pictures to make it move lively! Haha

The 6th Consumer Fair is happening NOW till the 1st of August 2010, held at the Bridex Hall at Jerudong. I heard that the ticket to London only cost BND$777! Dirt cheap I tell you! *sigh* I haven’t got the chance to go there and I heard the crowd.. ramai berabis! Since I’m not good in big crowds, I get nervous breakdown so I’m not going there. =( BUT, I have a Miri weekend getaway today!

Have a lovely weekend ladies!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pre-preparation : Surveying.

I’ve discussed with my mother on what favors that I will give during the occasion and she agreed on most of them. I also told her that I would like to go to Jakarta, Indonesia end of this year just to survey stuff, get the pricing correct, quotation for invitations, door gifts and arranged on the family and bridesmaid attire. I heard from my cousins that Jakarta is just the place for wedding preparations and I stumble across a Malaysian lady blogger; Fiza who is very informative in giving rough estimated prices and where to go and what to do there. My mom did told me that going to Mangga 2 is the place to buy stuff because its really cheap and there’s this one more place I’m not quiet sure where it is.

So I’m setting my targets what to look for if my trip is confirm, I’ll seek for:

1. Invitation cards
2. Laces or fabrics for family and bridesmaid.
3. Wedding day favors.
4. Majlis Akad Nikah favors.
5. Bebedak favors for the ladies and gentlemen.
6. Evening Reception i.e. appreciation dinner.

Which I hope I won’t go overboard in surveying for wedding stuff!
Since Tun Mahatir Musical theater will be on at Istana Budaya, Malaysia from 24th September 2010 till 4th October 2010 & Natrah Theater will be showing from 25th November 2010 till 5th December 2010. I might be watching one of the musicals. I’ve missed the chance watching Tan Sri P.Ramlee musical and I wouldn’t want to miss watching Tun Mahatir Musical or Natrah! Tickets are on sale now and I’m left to ask the fiancé if he’s available on either date for a short vacation in Malaysia. Not only to ask the fiancé but also friend(s) willing to tag along because to go on a vacation with only two of us is a big no-no. If this plan going to Malaysia is also confirm then my mission there would be:

1. Searching designers for my Solemnization ceremony.
  • (Recommendations from readers is very much appreciated in this one. I've read there are some blacklisted designers as well and i'm afraid that i went into the wrong one so it would be great help to e-mail and inform which to avoid and recommended)
2. All those arts and crafts items such as ribbons & flowers.
3. Alas for the hantaran i.e. the modern gangsa if that’s even possible to get.
4. Trays for the hantaran i.e. the modern English theme trays, cages.
5. Pay a visit to this place I found that offers beautiful pre-wedding photos and ask for the price!

I’ve discussed with dear fiancé and he agrees on buying stuff either from Indonesia and Malaysia IF that can save cost! There’s no confirm dates when I want to go to Jakarta but I told my mom that we just booked our tickets first and if the fiancé parents wants to tag along after they come back for good from elsewhere they could purchase the tickets last minute. I am aware that items may need to be shipped and I hope it wouldn’t cost as much. If shipping to Miri, Sarawak is cheaper then I may use my relative’s address, that’s my plan B.

I seriously need to buy more bridal magazines! I’ve just purchased my very first bridal magazine “Pengantin” hehe and got overly excited already looking at Pelamin, Chairs, decorations and all for sale like borong! I felt like opening up a boutique hehe.

Any recommended magazines that I should purchase? Informative ones? & places that sells wedding items i.e. hantaran trays, ribbons and the arts and crafts stuff in Malaysia preferably around Selangor?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Room: Planning

The initial plan is to extend the guest room on the ground floor for my future room. My current room is very cramp and relatively small with built in furniture’s and loads of stuff toys! When one comes into my room, they will definitely think it’s my niece or little brothers’ room. Hence, when the time comes that I going to get married, I need to be out of that room and let my little brother have my room. Then my parents told me to get their room and they will take the ground floor room. Soon when my brother found out that I’m planning to get married he told me to get his room instead because he’ll be moving out end of this year. Personally, I prefer to get my brother room because of the fair space. My parent’s room is too huge for me and I don’t like really big rooms! Big rooms = more space = you tend to buy nonsense stuff and to do even more shopping now and in future and most of all is that big room doubles the effort to cleaning it as well.

Anyhow, I don’t know exactly how much it would cost for room renovation. Say if I were to inherit my brother room which is currently fully carpeted in light with hints of dark blue color! Should I just stick with it or replace it with new carpets? The current condition is still alright, colors still in place but you know, it’s been there for almost 10 years and there’s few spots from liquid spillage and all. The furniture is still in excellent condition too. I’m in a dilemma to either buy a new set of furniture or just stick with the current one. I would love to have new furniture but then again, good and modern furniture set would cost roughly around BND$3000 am I correct? I did browse through furniture shops around Brunei and I have to say GUCCA @ Neometro situated at Batu Besurat or Delima Complex (behind tyre mart) has one of the best mattress and modern looking beds. Mattress price? *pengsan* ranges from above a thousand to many many thousands! The quality and comfort? Also pengsan, it’s so comfortable to the core that you just want to lie down there forever. I might exaggerate a bit there but yes, they’ve got one of the best mattresses by far. Framix (beside Maju Motors, Telanai) has also one of the best bedrooms set too but expensive!

I’m so curious to know roughly how much would cost me to renovate a room. With new bedroom set, new paint and get those decorations as like a backdrop, probably replace old carpets with new carpets or wooden flooring design, some minimal decoration to make the room beautiful for the occasion. The dream room would be having a walk in closet where I could stack my shoes beautifully; my handbags neatly arranged just like in princess diaries! It’s to die for! I bet all ladies out there would love to have a walk in closet too right? Anyway, back to reality! That’s not going to happen until I decide to design my own house to build! So I’m thinking is it possible to get the room renovated below BND$5k?

I’m also wondering if asking a quotation to the entire interior designers available in Brunei is FOC or we have to pay a fair amount of money to get them design. Hmm...

Now where’s that measuring tape?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Hantaran Deco Inspiration.

So me and the other half discussed on our hantaran almost all the time. We even argued on what to give each other with the budget we’re in. I love handbag and shoes; he loves expensive watches so that sort of made the cash flow goes out faster. Budget! Budget! Kept telling ourselves that! I hope by the time we go shopping for hantaran stuff, our rezeki pun lebih InsyALLAH. We're money crunching right now! Dining in restaurants pun nda exclusive lagi just to try to save more money! Anyhow! I stumble across a lot of Malaysian wedding blog with pictures of their hantaran and most of it is absolutely gorgeous! They tend to go to simplicity design and single item for example a pair of shoes, a handbag, everything single, I told the other half about it and he sort of agree on it and not over do it. I would love my hantaran to be single item with simple design yet elegant.

I would like the design to be a lot of white and red with touch of black too. I planned on having my Solemnization dress to be in white chiffon or very light design white lace with embroidery and diamond sequence of red, black and white. So I want it to sync. For the other half, I would love his white attire to be sewn in red thread too as a contrast. For his hantaran design I’m not sure what color theme he would prefer yet because the other half is very picky in color codes with the item to be placed. Having his hantaran of the same design is no harm too, we could invert the colors, I have the white he can have the silver. I would really love the idea of having apple green pastel with pastel light pink as a combination, it looks so natural too.

A lot of inspiration of how to design the hantaran came from Arma Couture Collection and White Lace Tale Wedding. The idea of Arma Couture collection to keep the colors simple is elegant. I love the cushion they used for placing the items too but I bet that’s custom made, I can’t get any information so far on where to get those items. How I wish that my wedding is in Malaysia! Make preparation simpler and faster too. Not to mention its varieties of modern design and its elegancy. I want a neat design. Red and white roses is very much preferable, not necessarily fresh flowers. I think I could get affordable plastic flowers that look real in Miri, Sarawak or Happy Star Trading in Batu Besurat. I haven’t’ been able to wander around to bridal boutiques or shops that sells wedding favors yet. I have a packed weekend full of weddings to attend.

On a brighter note, I have my bestlady to help me out on decorating the hantaran. It is the initial plan because if we were to buy stuff form Malaysia or elsewhere and get the glue gun working, I bet we can manage to pull off more like similar design. Just  Maybe. She decorated my sister in law hantaran and was so beautiful. Thanks for her creativity. There are some boutiques that specialize in decorating the hantaran I browsed here in Brunei Darussalam cost me BND$25/gangsa so imagine me and him having 10 each i.e. total of 20 x $25 = BND$500 for just that! No way am I spending $500 on a decorating tray that I need to return back to the boutique. Though, I sort of love how they design, very creative too. Sigh. Anyhow, I’d rather save that and rent it for others in future, who know one day I become a wedding planner too? Hehe...

For the time being..

My hantaran design inspiration..

FIRST : Arma Couture Collection

- It was love at first sight..

SECOND: While Lace Wedding Tales

- This is very simple and I love it too! It looks modern ethnic.

THIRD: 4 wedding ku

- Now they have loads of varieties that you wish your wedding is in Malaysia!

More to come i think.. =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Financially Prepared : Part II

To continue on my previous post, for this I will be concentrating more into the amount you were to spent on the events. Just roughly, noting serious or over the top.

Before I enter you in the financial calculation I would like to address to everyone that this is my wedding estimation. I don’t want to shock others that you’re wedding will cost similar like this, it’s 100% entirely depends how you want to celebrate your day and how much are you willing to splurge. Some wedding can cost you even less than BND$30 grand, so I emphasize; this depend highly on you personal needs and wants for your wedding day.

NOW, to start calculating on you wedding expenses you may need to:

1. List the number of events you’re indulging.

o We Bruneians have a number of tradition events that we ought to obey. Some parents didn’t really mind when we decide to skip one of the few traditions just as long as we don’t skip the most important event which is the solemnization ceremony. Skipping events means less money spent! So if you want to have a complete and just nice wedding, one thing you’ll have to do is negotiate with the parents. Provided with the credit crunch now days, I’m sure they will understand. So the number of events for I know the time being are:
  • Berbedak Mandi
  • Akad Nikah (Solemnization ceremony)
  • Malam berbedak (Night of powdering)
  • Malam Berinai/Berpacar
  • Bersanding
  • Ambil-Ambilan
  • Muleh 3 Hari
Taken from Wikipedia

2. The number of guest for each event.

o You will need to estimate roughly or have a fixed number of guest for caterings, door gifts, wedding favors for some even that need the individual guest to come and give their blessing, the number of tents, You either don’t want to left out guest with no gifts or have no seats for them right? Yes, it’s true that our parents will say more is fine but less is not good. But, to have a well managed wedding and not to have that variation order, it’s best to keep the guest list minimal.

3. List out the number of bride and grooms gift to each other which is most likely to be known as the hantaran.

o Plan on what you want to put in the tray. This is one of the most famous sections in a wedding because people would really love to know what you’ve got in that tray. Expensive gifts shows pride and money the couple have. My honest say on this is that, this is unnecessary and overrated now. Just because your cousins or best friend has a Manolo Blahnik or a Christian Louboutin and the Chanel classic flip handbag on the tray, you have to beat them to it because your other half works with much higher pay then your best friend husband. It like a quiet feud happening on who affords what. This is just giving pressure to the soon to be wedded couples. I hope the mentality of people would change and spend wisely and don’t make a huge hole in your pocket for reasons of showing off. No point. You would want to wish to have a happy life together with your other half and not forking out his money to splurge on way expensive stuff that you may or not use it always because you’re afraid you might spill wine, fizzy drinks or whatever. Always remember, make sure that your other half can afford to get you that stuff you want, never forced them to buying because of love. Men’s also have their wish list that they wish you would buy them too but you couldn’t afford. E.g. a Ferrari? So think about it and compromise. Don’t pressure your other half.

4. List out the attire you want to rent and get tailored. Most bridal offers package for all events with the stage decorations and all sorts.

o Most brides would love to get their solemnization dress tailored to their own needs whilst have the other attire rented. For the well-off brides, they may get everything tailored. But anyhow, try to keep this as nice simple and clean. I’ve come across to some that came up with different colors! Just to symbolize uniqueness in their solemnization ceremony. My question, how many times in your life would you wear everything white? A white dress? Let it be unique in your life but not to others.

5. For the ladies, you’ve got to get a rough estimate for the bridal make up services.
o For all the i know make up services now ranges from BND$150-$200 to even $300 per session and much cheaper if you take a package. Since the make up services is blooming like mushrooms similar like photographers, remember to try this make up artist first before any of your occasion. Bring it on a test drive and see if it's suites you. Some professional make up artist does a perfect job and turned a bride to her most beautiful moment but some just don't work. Give it a try first!
6. List out the events you would love to use fresh flowers.
o Usually there are only two events that use hand bouquet. Solemnization and Sanding ceremony.

7. The wedding cake!
o Yes wedding cakes especially the modern fondant and air brush cake doesn’t come cheap like icing. They’re pricy and to have a quality cake, ready to fork out hundreds!

So what are you waiting for? Get a piece of paper and list out what do YOU want in your wedding and estimate them.
Always, think about the flow of the occasion on that day from the arrival of guest, to being the bride to being the mother of the bride, the father of the bride, Be Everything so you won’t miss out of minor details that we tend to overlooked and forget.


I do have an example here based on my imagination and experienced attending weddings..

Solemnization ceremony. (I’m only going to cover up for the ladies side)


  1. Your solemnization DRESS: this is entirely up to you, either to get it tailored to your likings or rent it from the bridal boutique.
  2. Your solemnization SHOES: I’ve always loved a white strappy heels looks sexy. Wear stockings makes it nicer.
  3. Your solemnization SCARF/VIEL: some forget that we need a nice bling brooch or pin to clip the scarf. You if you’re planning on wearing the normal scarf that requires brooch and pin. You need to purchase them in textile shops. For those who use the new trend scarf that needs you just to slip it in, noting to be worried about.
  4. Your solemnization ACCESSORIES: Crown, bracelet, rings, and necklace. You either use your own bling collection or hire from the bridal boutique. I’ve always prefer no rings on the left hand because I want the wedding ring to be the only one in the finger. Makes it more distinguish in pictures and special.
  5. Your solemnization HAND BOUQUET: Some would like to hold something while sitting down waiting for the soon to be husband be your husband! It would lovely to have some fresh flowers to hold on too, breaks down the nervous feeling too.
  6. Your solemnization MAKE UP: now this has always been the 1st thing to think about on a wedding so I don’t have to elaborate into this right? Just make sure that when you use heavy fake eyelashes, when taking pictures... Make sure you open up your eyes. Especially ones that has small eyes. You wouldn’t want most of your pictures sleeping right?

  1. FURNITURE & DECORATIONS: May or may not need new furniture but you know the rest, get the bed area decorated. Reason? Your wedding photo.
  2. LIGHTING: make up purposes and photographers. *No cost just a reminder
  3. KEYS: Now, when everyone is busy witnessing the bride solemnization ceremony, whom will take care of the room? So always make sure to lock the room and give the keys to someone you trust that won’t do any harm. No keys? You’ve got to get them locked no matter what. *No cost just a reminder
  4. TEMPERATURE: Since there’s people going in and out the room, populated and crowded, you may need to set the air conditioner to the lowest temperature earlier on. *No cost just a reminder

  1. CATERINGS: Always do food tasting before hiring a caterer. Enough said.
  2. DOOR GIFTS: Every occasion has a door gift that you need to prepare. Solemnization ceremony door gift is usually simply and noting over the top. Remember, have of give something that you can afford and not bebankan yourself.
  3. GUEST: Have friends, cousins, siblings and parents to help the guest seated and let them socialize; don’t worry too much if either the tents is already full or half empty. Nevertheless, you will still enjoy your wedding.


  1. MEN GIFTS: Prepare and numbered the items. Place it in a very safe place, away from kids running around, away from crowds as item can go missing. Decorations? That’s entirely up to yourself to DIY or hires some people to decorate them for you.
  2. LADY GIFT: So before the solemnization ceremony start, there will be this “Hantar Berian” ceremony that took place where both side will exchange gift. Items received from the men’s side, have some people, friends or cousins to help them bring up to your room and arranged them. If the items being placed just beside you on the solemnization ceremony, its fine. As long as someone keep’s an eye on those trays.


  1. PELAMIN/ STAGE: It’s always nice to have the stage prepared early for photo taking purposed between the bride and groom. Enough lighting and don’t overcrowd them with organza running from one pole to one pole, some might trip on it during photo session. Keep it simple, hazard free.
  2. LAPIK: When the solemnization ceremony took place, the bride will have to sit behind the groom. I’ve seen this arrangement and it’s lovely, the bride will be able to see her soon-to-be husband Lafazkan nikah and everything. The groom will have his Lapik and four candles but always, the ladies forgot that they will need a lapik too for her to sit down to witness the ceremony.
  3. SOUND CHECK: Have the family members or who ever is in charge of the sound system to check thoroughly. Make a sound check so everything is clear and there will be no glitches that will interrupt the ceremony.
  4. RING: Prepare and make sure you assign someone to hold the ring that you will need to place on your husband’s finger. Soon after the ceremony, there will be “batalkan air wudhu” so soon after that will be the exchanging of ring followed by a kiss in the forehead (optional).

From here you could just get a rough estimate on how much one occasion will cost you and of course, wedding management! =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Financially Prepared : Part I

Now everyone wishes to have a perfect wedding. We are all aware that wedding does not come cheap especially in Brunei Darussalam where most of the stuff i.e. ribbons; wedding favors are at marked up prices. This urges us, Sadly Bruneians to shop elsewhere for wedding favors, dresses and all those stuff we need for the wedding. Totally not helping the country economy here, but this is my personal opinion and natural fact that we love to splurge money elsewhere, don’t we? I think like typical Bruneians as well so by splurging elsewhere sounded more exclusive isn’t it?

So first and foremost, in planning a wedding and to make your dream wedding come true, you have to be financially ready on the money you would splurge. You have to be aware on the cash you will spend. I myself had a rough estimation on how much my wedding would cost and the cost includes the other half too. Mind you, being an engineer changes the way you think that I took it too much in my wedding plans as if making a BQ(Bill of quantities) to avoid that variation order i.e. overspent. My god, to have a good and beautiful wedding of your dreams cost you more than BND$50 grand for only the ladies side. The men’s side would be slightly cheaper because they have much simpler events and they didn’t have to think for complicated, well-tailored attire, make up artist and ladies stuff. For us Ladies, this planning is one of the most tedious and time consuming. But what can I say, want a perfect wedding? You’ve got to work for it and planned it!

Remember, that it’s your wedding day. If your wedding is from your own money earned and savings, remember; that it’s your money and you wouldn’t love the idea of overspending. You have to be aware of hidden expenses in a wedding too, the nearer the wedding date; the more obstacles that requires money comes your way. So stay strong and keep your heads up to a positive beautiful wedding. Some plan wedding two years in the phase of their engagement which I think is just nice to save up cash for the wedding. This is my calculation, if you alone save up BND$1500/monthly in 24 months you mange to save BND$36,000. The more you save the more money you have for your wedding day. But mind you, you’ve got to be strict. At least either you or the other half has to be strict in managing the money not to withdraw or have the urge to use the money even it’s for temporary and the promises to top up the money taken back. Trust me; it will never happen because we all have temptations when it comes to money.

What’s great is that, I would encourage partners opening up a joint account especially for wedding savings and with no ATM card at all. Fixed deposit is good as well but the return is slightly lower and you have to put in a fixed amount with hassle and bustles. I’m not an expert in terms of the availability of banking facilities so excuse me. By opening up a regular bank account for the sake of the wedding could seriously save your day than taking up personal loan just for a wedding.

One point to keep in mind is that you’re splurging into an event that last only for hours, taking up a loan is not a smart choice it will just destroy in your future planning. Taking an example; you take up a loan for the maximum of 7 years with your monthly deduction of probably less than BND$1000. You are just letting daylight robbery to take place i.e. paying the bank interest. 7 years is a very long period and by your 1st or 2nd year of marriage you would be blessed by offspring’s of your own. Then when they grow up, you have to think about their education, clothing, food and damn diapers and formula milk doesn’t come cheap now a day! Then you’ve got your individual car loans to pay. When your parents’ house gets cramped, you need to move out. Lucky to government servants having the beneficial of subsidize house rental charge so you may have a bonus there. People just love taking up loans. Just as they’ve finished paying for their personal wedding loans, gifted by probably 5 kids, you’ve got to take up another loan; house loan. So it’s a continuous process of letting daylight robbery happened to yourself. You see that flow? The financial commitment? You might as well get married with the bank than your man! Which personally for me, it’s not an exception. You will feel much more satisfied spending money that you’ve earned and collected throughout the months. Some may say, you’ve got more money when guest gave money as a wedding gift to pay the expenses. How about this, If you spend on your wedding with your own money, the gifted money you could use it for your honeymoon and shopping. Nice isn’t it?

So think about it… think smart. =)

I apologize if I’ve got anyone offended by my post but this is just my piece of mind and absolutely no intentions on hurting others.


First and foremost, I never expect I’ll be blogging publicly again after years going underground in blogging and setting it to private but here I am talking about my wedding preparations and thoughts on wedding.

Thanks to the technology now a days that there’s a lot of wedding blogs Brunei as well as Malaysia that offers great help in wedding preparations. This helps us; the bride to us money, time and most importantly, much more organize wedding.

I opened up this blog is more like a wedding book for me. I do plan on having a scrap book for my wedding preparations but a blog seems to be good enough as you can upload photos and scanned documents. Most importantly, inputs from readers!

Year by year we can see wedding events getting more modernize and most of the events are held in the hotel and all sorts of wedding deals from photographers, bridal boutique and many more. So I hope thought out my preparation will able to help others too planning on their special day.

Would like to thank you all the wedding bloggers that gave me inspiration on how to plan a proper wedding and get organize! Hugs.

So the regular question would be… the Proposed wedding date?

Insya-Allah. It will be sometime middle of next year 2011. No exact date yet. But we’re planning on an August/September/November wedding.

So I better start planning!