Thursday, November 11, 2010

Revised Wedding Dates

I have a sudden rush of blood in my brain when...

Our wedding could probably be sometime in August or September..


not that i've made reservations on venue, make up or photographers but...


Reasons? So that the other half only sister can attend the wedding.. Since summer holiday in UK is usually from June-July-August and september is usually the times for farewells. July would be her graduation and we're planning on going there next year in time for the summer sales too. August would be really rushing. Early September? Oh well, i can't argue much on it and just probably agree on it to be fair and understanding.. give and take. but..


my cash flow pun not enough yet by that time.. which means...


Then there's this indonesia shopping trip expenses that i've increased my budget to extra 30% because i know and assure i'll go crazily shopping for other stuff too! I heard the long day dresses is dirt cheap and also cardigans! dugaan jua banar eh!


Anyhow! I'm too stress thinking about this dates and stuff.. the parents of both sides will be discussing this next month before our Indonesia Wedding Getaway so that I'm able to custom made my door gifts and other stuff that requires engraving dates on the items!


  1. when it comes to date..11.11.11 one year lagi..tapi belum kompem gak..:(

  2. I had issues with dates too before. Insya Allah, mungkin ada rahmat di sebalik nya :) calm down, ok.

  3. babe, email me ur address. hope u can be there on my big day :D

  4. =) Emailed 2 u my address...

    Wah ni tengah check air tickets!! i hope there's a nice slot for me to fly there =) InsyAllah..