Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Jakarta Trip

Photo Courtesy of Airlines-Airlines
I’m making it happen! Next payroll or probably later I’ll be purchasing tickets for both my parents and me to Jakarta with two of my lovely bridesmaid in December! My parents agree to go Jakarta as their pension activity and two of my bridesmaid is very much excited! What’s even more exciting is that my bridesmaid will be planning for their wedding too which is next year! We all have planned not to have any clashes in date but we’re yet to have everyone for dinner and discuss on the available dates but so far I heard no clashes yet.

Planning to go there this December before Christmas to browse or probably just shopped for few items on the checklist too to reduce the load. I stumbled across few bloggers that gave good reviews on where and what to find in Jakarta particularly Ka Fiza
Anyhow, from what I’ve read and what my mom told, the places in Jakarta that is worth going is:

1. Mangga Dua
2. Pasar Mayestik
3. Tanah Abang
4. Pasar Jatinegara *situated at bandung

Seriously I don’t know where all the areas are listed above. I’ve been to Indonesia couple of times during my childhood days but not as an adult so I assume it’ll be my first time!

Gosh I’m so excited that I can’t wait for the next payroll to come out! Need to purchase that ticket as soon as possible. Set aside the work leave I’m going to take, buy the ticket first that have the boss sign for approval whether the boss likes it or not!

So back to shopping areas in Jakarta, suggestions on the places I should visit is very much appreciated. Shops that provide printing of invitation cards, cheap laces, telekong, wedding favors and anything that I must visit!

HOTELS! Yes, due to conditions I don’t know how Jakarta is. I want hotels to be near with Mangga 2 because I heard it’s like a shopping heaven for wedding preparations. I goggled for hotels nearby mangga 2 and it looks like mangga 2 is huge areas so I got very confuse and afraid of security reasons too. My parents previously stayed at Batavia Hotel and when I read review that its sort of declining services, now that I’m not sure to trust or not. But anyhow, I heard Hotel Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua Hotel & Apartment offers good price and also walking distance to Mangga Dua. I do want to know where else is advisable and recommended apart from Hotel Ibis. Please do e-mail me at for trips advisor or drop in a comment.

and of course I post my trip reviews and loads of photos around the areas for future brides in the near future! =)


  1. iBiS mangga dua Hotel is the nearest place to 'ur destination' :)

    its side by side and 'a cross walk' building to Dusit mangga du, harco mangga dua, WTC mangga 2 & so on :) hehehe

  2. dont forget to sharing more info after came back from Indonesia okeh =). Insya Allah, i will go there on January =)

  3. Irvan,

    Thank you! Dusit mangga dua? Harco Mangga dua? Sounds like there's a lot of shops around there... Thank you for reassuring me on the hotel is near mangga dua.. =)


    Yes InsyAllah i will share my experience in Jakarta.. I hope to go to Bandung too if time allows and probably do a little bit of sight seeing and food hunting =)Do remind me also after my trip ;)