Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Hantaran Shopping

I and the other half decide to start buying out hantaran stuff. I can say that the fiancé mother is excited because she bought quiet a number of items already such as Majlis berbedak favors for the people membedaki. Semangat right? But it’s so exciting to listen to what fiancé’s mother has in mind too. Early this year, I overindulge on a shoe for my solemnization ceremony because it was love at first sight and had it shopped and sent to Brunei. Then just early this month when the fiancé’s mother came back, she showed me this beautiful ivory shoe bedazzled and simply gorgeous! She told me to use it for solemnization ceremony or place it in the hantaran. The shoe that I bought has a heel of 4” and slightly bigger, I’m having second thoughts about wearing them. I love the shoe that fiancé’s mother bought and the heel is 2.5”, I’m confident that I’ll wear them and confidently without having thoughts of toppling over. I’m torn between choices however I have like a year to think about it!

Enough rambling! Eheee

Back to hantaran items, at first we plan on buying it one time event. Go on a holiday shopping trip for hantaran items but then again, we thought it will be heavy for us; financially. So we came to a number of lists of hantaran to give and received. The other half and I decide that there will no gadgets involving so no laptop, phone, cameras, and game console. It will be just pure classic! I’m still unsure on how the rules play here but I heard the number of dulang must be odd numbers so 11 versus 13?

First task! Shop for my other half first. Since he’s on training overseas I told him to grab anything that doesn’t have an expiry date and is evergreen. I planned on letting him buy his own desire shoes, work wear that won’t go outdated, belts, stationary set and pen. I really wish I can be there to go shopping but work doesn’t allow me too. But anyway, stuff like perfumes and toiletries will buy next year on another shopping trip. With the list below I hope that we won’t go overboard in the budget *insyallah*

The idea is to buy barang sikit-sikit so inda kerasahan that the list is all done by the time on our wedding. Inda jua berat financially and that makes shopping everymonth! Nda jua membazir money splurging on unnecessary stuff because kitani buying stuff for wedding. Savings atu memang ada lah for paying the caterings, venues, bridal boutique, photographer, videographer etc. and the rest of the balance money from the payroll are items for hantaran. Personally, I think I’ll save more because if I were to have that extra money from payroll; I tend to shop unnecessary stuff. Eheee. So the mind set is “ALL FOR WEDDING

Here is what I planned on putting in the Majlis Hantaran

The woman’s side:

1. The Holy Al-Quran will be designed with the Telekong Sembahyang. (dapat kan ne? it doesn’t have to go individually right?)
2. Wang Mas Kawin
3. Wang belanja Angus
4. Sebidang Jong Sarat
5. Sirih Junjung
6. Watch
7. A pair of shoe
8. A handbag and a wallet
9. Bathroom toiletries with perfumes
10. Make up set & facial products.
11. Sweets & chocolates.

The Men’s side

1. Watch
2. A pair of shoe
3. A pen with other Stationary set
4. Work bag.
5. Work wear.
6. Casual wear. (*still deciding to replace this because the other half doesn’t want casual wear to be in the list)
7. Bathroom toiletries & shaver.
8. Sweets & Chocolates
9. Fruits
10. Fresh from oven items.
11. Food
12. Food
13. Food

//edited - To replace casual wear will be Cara Melayu & Kain Sampin =)

With this I hope it will give other brides-to-be guidance too on what's essential and what's not. I'm still searching on this Hantaran information because it feel that now its overated. Any ideas? I think what's very essential is Mas Kawin & Al-Quran? Correct me if i'm wrong.


  1. dear, just wondering what is Sebidang Jong Sarat?
    nda tau..huhu

  2. Ouh hehe Sebidang Jong Sarat more likely known as kain sampin kat Malaysia. =)

    Traditonal Brunei mesti ada Jong Sarat dalam permintaan perkahwinan.. depends design apa orang nak and all depend budget jugak.. bride tu akan pakai kain jong sarat tu pada majlis malam berbedak.. inaza pun lacking knowledge jugak about jong sarat ne.. hehe

  3. waaa baru nak tanya tapi lala dah tanya dulu hehe

  4. hehe, nora lambat.

    menarik. sebab first time tahu adat orang brunei, lain sikit ya. can't wait to watch the overall review of ur Big Day next year, dear.

    moga lancar segala majlis.. *insyaAllah*

  5. Thanks lala.. saya pun harap harap persediaan ni berjalan dengan lancar.. *amin* =)

    Hehehe adat resam orang brunei macam macam.. i think kat malaysia pun ada lah adat harus ikut tapi most of what i stumble wedding macam 2-3 events ajer kan.. kat brunei events total up to 8 events including lelaki events.. but tak dipraktikan semua.. macam majlis bersanding jer.. two seperate events.. kat rumah lelaki ada and kat rumah perempuan pun.. then lelaki pergi kat venue perempuan utk upacara sanding.. kalau kat malaysia both pengantin bersanding & naik pelamin sama sama kan.. hehe semua events ni very tiring tapi once a lifetime event and kalau tak ikut adat orang berkata pulak.. hehe

    Insyallah, I hope i will be active till my wedding lah yer..

  6. wah wah wah 8 event... waah... hehe jgn lupa update tau, besh nak tgk org brunei kahwin =)