Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Invitations

I’m so excited despite December is still far away just because… I with my parents, my maid of honor and bridesmaid bought confirm tickets to Jakarta already! We are really making it happening! Bridesmaid fiancé probably will be joining too just to get those extra kilos for baggage excess but he’ll redeem his tickets through the points he obtained. My brother did mention about claiming my miles I got from the return UK trip and two years ago miles and merging miles from my aunties who’s not using her card at all however, I’m too lazy to do the paperwork’s and sending those papers to the RBA office.

So this post I will be highlighting on the INVITATION CARDS.

Photo Courtesy of Vinas Invitation

Some recommend me to make invitation at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia just because if there are any hiccups on the printing, going to Kuala Lumpur is much nearer and cheaper compared to going to Indonesia. Most of my friends did their invitation at Kuala Lumpur and various vendors. I will make another post on this on the list of vendors available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Indonesia of that I know and found out.

First up, when I and the other half goggled on wedding invitations maker in Indonesia, Vinas Invitation  came up and it was love at first sight. They are based on Surabaya, Indonesia and I tell you, they give very prompt and professional reply when I ask on the quotation. You know how hard it gets when you need to tell your needs and how your invitation would look like and all.

So, I only asked how much for the picture above cost. They told me that everything depends on the material paper design i.e. hard cover of soft cover. So I assume soft cover would be much cheaper. I don’t see a point on spending much on invitation cards because it’ll be dispose eventually by the guest, correct? I’ve set myself a budget of not more than BND1000 for invitation, I’m wondering if BND$600 is sufficient enough to produce a well informed invitation card with elegance touch of white, white and more white! I’m mad over white color hence; I want everything to be white too! Years ago, my brother had his invitation done only BND$0.50 each! Very simple but I love it just because it’s white and have small heart shapes. Noting grand but I feel its good enough right?

Anyhow, this invitation card on the picture can be design to suite your theme and they may need to know if you’re looking for elegant, classic and many more themes. For 600 pieces, the price for each card will cost IDR150, 000 (≈ BND2.50). A bit pricy right? But I think you can negotiate to change the type of paper, few alteration to suite your estimated budget. So to place your order you just send your wordings on MS word and a sample will be given for free! Any correction will be altered and a final proof will be submitted to you for final checking. Everything can be done in 40days! Just pay for shipping cost just after you make the down payment. They accept payment from paypal and western union! How convenient is that? Vina’s invitation is professional and I guess have worked with Bruneians too because she knows the selok belok very well.

I received few suggestions making a recycle on the invitation, i.e. being more creative such as:

♥  Scroll Invitation

Photo Courtesy of Wedding-Calligraphy
Beautiful right? Maid of honor suggested, one side of the scroll will be the details of the wedding i.e. date, time, venue, bride’s & groom name, parents name and family names and the itinerary. The other side of the scroll could be some abstract drawings, poems or ayat-ayat or dua (Not advisable because you will be inviting non-muslims). I like the idea of it but not sure how much will it cost.

♥  Fan Invitation
Photo Courtesy of Invitationsbydawn

Photo Courtesy of Hotref

This type of invitation has been practiced a lot nowadays in Brunei. I’ve seen few people who use those paper fans as an invitation card. It’s very creative however, what I’ve came to realized is that the text tend to be much more smaller and elderly people really have a hard time reading whilst tilting their heads side to side.

♥  DVD Cover Invitation

Photo Courtesy of EternityDVD
Okay, no longer practiced here. Or shall i say Sooo last year.. hehe I guess this was years ago when DVD-case box invitation was famous but I don’t see any purpose unless you include a mixed CD inside it of compilation songs. Again, will your taste of music suites the guest invited?

♥ Calendar Invitation

Photo Courtesy of Sugarplumpaperie

Photo Courtesy of Momental Design
I LOVE THIS! And it’s practical~ everyone needs a calendar right? However, this is only practical for those whose wedding end of December in a transition of New Year or early January weddings! They are lot varieties of calendar type to choose from but it’s simple! The first two page will be the all the wedding details! Personally, if I were to have this as my wedding invites I like the calendar to be loosely and packed in a transparent CD case. You know that kind of CD case calendar! Would be lovely right? And if you’re creative and have the time, DIY is possible too! You could put in quotes, abstract pictures, and many more to make it more beautiful!

♥ Mug Invitation
Photo Courtesy of Beaucoup

The picture above is a personalized beer mug, but some sort of this tall glass mug or those ceramic mugs. I don’t have to elaborate more on this because I think you get the idea already. I guess there’s always a phase or years ago in the family that you or any family members have a picture in a mug or when your visit to Thailand that took your photo with a baby tiger and get it print on the mug because I did. *blush*

♥ Ceramic Plate Invitation

Photo Courtesy of Cassandramdesigns

I’ve only seen once in my lifetime that people use ceramic plate as an invitation because they exclude giving door gifts. The invitation is the door gifts. This will cost more than estimated because it’s personalized, same goes to the mug too.

Any more suggestions readers? Most welcome.


  1. hii.. sungguh berinformasi.. rasanya card invitation lebih praktikal kot sebab mudah dan senang.

    Nora selalu juga dengar kad kawen hard cover indonesia more cheaper berbanding di Malaysia. ramai yang kata mcm tu la =)

  2. Thanks nora =) Yelah kalau kite nak creative sikit why not.. but its best kalau invitation tu dapat d utilise kan.. i like idea calender tu.. buat sendiri pun dapat asal jer ada printer, keratas dan creativity diri kan.. hehe

    Ni baru browse kan Vinas Invitation, i guess premium lah tempat dier coz mahal jugak kan.. will try to cari cari much cheaper ones.. i heard dekarda ada lots of varieties too..

    Oh by the way, i pikir dah follow you and link you.. rupanya belum.. kita exchage link yer? =)

  3. Okeh... i dah memg exchange link =) hehe calendar ok juga.. guest boleh simpan kan =) btw nice to meet u, senang kita bertukar informasi walau berlainan negara, mana tau ada yang sesuai boleh diamalkan hehe =)