Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Bloggers & Bridesmaid.

I can’t emphasize enough that wedding bloggers especially from Malaysia is very informative when it comes to their preparation. Each and every blogger has its own unique way in approaching their wedding day preparations. Some came up with deliriously beautiful ideas on wedding management. It’s so lucky that in Malaysia there are varieties of hall to be used for their wedding day and almost all the halls is all beautiful as it is. I even told my mother that I love my wedding to be in Malaysia, preparation makes it easier, consider a bit cheaper too compared to Brunei. It would be easier for my Malaysian relatives around Miri, Kuching and Bintulu but tough for my Bruneian relatives and friends.

Anyhow, I can’t THANK YOU enough for the heads up and inspiration on the bloggers wedding preparations. Especially on the tips on their Jakarta trip! At least I get a rough estimate how much money I will be spending there and what to seek for too. You see, I’m trying to plan my wedding without menyusahkan banyak my friends or relatives because they have a life, commitments and family to take care of. Since I’m the only girl between my siblings, preparations are a bit tough for me. InsyALLAH I hope I can manage my own wedding and be my own wedding planner. I have my bestfriend helping me out but she’s only available on weekends because she’s working in Seria.

Speaking of which, BRIDESMAID!

I’ve never come across Bruneian weddings having bridesmaid. There maybe few weddings that has bridesmaid but not the wedding that I’ve attended. Most of the weddings that I know only has flower girls which when one of them is very playful, everyone jumps in being playful and out of sync! Most well; all Malaysian weddings has bridesmaid! And I sort of like the idea of it too… first, if I have my girlfriends they could help in the seating arrangement... I.e. they can easily guide my other friends/ work colleagues to a certain area.

One thing about Brunei wedding even in hotels have this ladies on one side and men on the other and no mixed seating’s unless the bride request for only her friends to have mixed seating’s. This separate seating is still practice up till now and this makes the guest list even more because of the ladies. I’m not blaming but its fact. You go to a wedding with your husband/boyfriend/fiancé then when it comes to seating you get separated. The guys? Don’t worry because they can make friends easily and don’t care much but for us the ladies, we don’t want to be left alone, SO; we tag along our friend/children/sister to accompany us which makes the guest list +1! I did consult my parents that if would be nice to have mixed seating’s but due circumstances of M.I.B (Melayu Islam Beraja) my dad didn’t quiet agree on mixed seating’s because he’s afraid people might talk about it after the wedding. *rolls eyes* But still! I’m trying my best to convince for a mixed seating’s if my wedding to be held in some hotel or hall.

Back to bridesmaid! They could help me with preparations too especially me being the only girl in my siblings. I see a lot more benefits too which I am not sure what! What are the tasks of a Bridesmaid in a Malay Wedding? Its blur and I haven’t had the exact idea on it. However, how do I choose my bridesmaid? I know I have one maid of honor which is my best friend of more than 10 years! Bridesmaid… what is the maximum number? 8 is a crowd don’t you think?

On the bridesmaid attire, I have exactly what colors, design in mind! Shopping in Jakarta for bridesmaid attire would be one task! Need to get the right colors to match with their skin.

I’m sooooo excited just writing about bridesmaid till I’m lost in words! Till next time. I think I need to put in some pictures to make it move lively! Haha

The 6th Consumer Fair is happening NOW till the 1st of August 2010, held at the Bridex Hall at Jerudong. I heard that the ticket to London only cost BND$777! Dirt cheap I tell you! *sigh* I haven’t got the chance to go there and I heard the crowd.. ramai berabis! Since I’m not good in big crowds, I get nervous breakdown so I’m not going there. =( BUT, I have a Miri weekend getaway today!

Have a lovely weekend ladies!

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