Tuesday, July 20, 2010


First and foremost, I never expect I’ll be blogging publicly again after years going underground in blogging and setting it to private but here I am talking about my wedding preparations and thoughts on wedding.

Thanks to the technology now a days that there’s a lot of wedding blogs Brunei as well as Malaysia that offers great help in wedding preparations. This helps us; the bride to be...save us money, time and most importantly, much more organize wedding.

I opened up this blog is more like a wedding book for me. I do plan on having a scrap book for my wedding preparations but a blog seems to be good enough as you can upload photos and scanned documents. Most importantly, inputs from readers!

Year by year we can see wedding events getting more modernize and most of the events are held in the hotel and all sorts of wedding deals from photographers, bridal boutique and many more. So I hope thought out my preparation will able to help others too planning on their special day.

Would like to thank you all the wedding bloggers that gave me inspiration on how to plan a proper wedding and get organize! Hugs.

So the regular question would be… the Proposed wedding date?

Insya-Allah. It will be sometime middle of next year 2011. No exact date yet. But we’re planning on an August/September/November wedding.

So I better start planning!

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