Monday, July 26, 2010

Pre-preparation : Surveying.

I’ve discussed with my mother on what favors that I will give during the occasion and she agreed on most of them. I also told her that I would like to go to Jakarta, Indonesia end of this year just to survey stuff, get the pricing correct, quotation for invitations, door gifts and arranged on the family and bridesmaid attire. I heard from my cousins that Jakarta is just the place for wedding preparations and I stumble across a Malaysian lady blogger; Fiza who is very informative in giving rough estimated prices and where to go and what to do there. My mom did told me that going to Mangga 2 is the place to buy stuff because its really cheap and there’s this one more place I’m not quiet sure where it is.

So I’m setting my targets what to look for if my trip is confirm, I’ll seek for:

1. Invitation cards
2. Laces or fabrics for family and bridesmaid.
3. Wedding day favors.
4. Majlis Akad Nikah favors.
5. Bebedak favors for the ladies and gentlemen.
6. Evening Reception i.e. appreciation dinner.

Which I hope I won’t go overboard in surveying for wedding stuff!
Since Tun Mahatir Musical theater will be on at Istana Budaya, Malaysia from 24th September 2010 till 4th October 2010 & Natrah Theater will be showing from 25th November 2010 till 5th December 2010. I might be watching one of the musicals. I’ve missed the chance watching Tan Sri P.Ramlee musical and I wouldn’t want to miss watching Tun Mahatir Musical or Natrah! Tickets are on sale now and I’m left to ask the fiancé if he’s available on either date for a short vacation in Malaysia. Not only to ask the fiancé but also friend(s) willing to tag along because to go on a vacation with only two of us is a big no-no. If this plan going to Malaysia is also confirm then my mission there would be:

1. Searching designers for my Solemnization ceremony.
  • (Recommendations from readers is very much appreciated in this one. I've read there are some blacklisted designers as well and i'm afraid that i went into the wrong one so it would be great help to e-mail and inform which to avoid and recommended)
2. All those arts and crafts items such as ribbons & flowers.
3. Alas for the hantaran i.e. the modern gangsa if that’s even possible to get.
4. Trays for the hantaran i.e. the modern English theme trays, cages.
5. Pay a visit to this place I found that offers beautiful pre-wedding photos and ask for the price!

I’ve discussed with dear fiancé and he agrees on buying stuff either from Indonesia and Malaysia IF that can save cost! There’s no confirm dates when I want to go to Jakarta but I told my mom that we just booked our tickets first and if the fiancé parents wants to tag along after they come back for good from elsewhere they could purchase the tickets last minute. I am aware that items may need to be shipped and I hope it wouldn’t cost as much. If shipping to Miri, Sarawak is cheaper then I may use my relative’s address, that’s my plan B.

I seriously need to buy more bridal magazines! I’ve just purchased my very first bridal magazine “Pengantin” hehe and got overly excited already looking at Pelamin, Chairs, decorations and all for sale like borong! I felt like opening up a boutique hehe.

Any recommended magazines that I should purchase? Informative ones? & places that sells wedding items i.e. hantaran trays, ribbons and the arts and crafts stuff in Malaysia preferably around Selangor?


  1. u can try siganure wedding also, ratu sehari, female brides and so on. some of this magazine has their own blog also =)

  2. Thanks Nora.. really appreciate it =) I just purchased few bridal magazines during my trip to Miri and my mom got this directory perkahwinan magazine in Malaysia but i haven't got the time to browse.. too busy.. sigh