Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Hantaran Deco Inspiration.

So me and the other half discussed on our hantaran almost all the time. We even argued on what to give each other with the budget we’re in. I love handbag and shoes; he loves expensive watches so that sort of made the cash flow goes out faster. Budget! Budget! Kept telling ourselves that! I hope by the time we go shopping for hantaran stuff, our rezeki pun lebih InsyALLAH. We're money crunching right now! Dining in restaurants pun nda exclusive lagi just to try to save more money! Anyhow! I stumble across a lot of Malaysian wedding blog with pictures of their hantaran and most of it is absolutely gorgeous! They tend to go to simplicity design and single item for example a pair of shoes, a handbag, everything single, I told the other half about it and he sort of agree on it and not over do it. I would love my hantaran to be single item with simple design yet elegant.

I would like the design to be a lot of white and red with touch of black too. I planned on having my Solemnization dress to be in white chiffon or very light design white lace with embroidery and diamond sequence of red, black and white. So I want it to sync. For the other half, I would love his white attire to be sewn in red thread too as a contrast. For his hantaran design I’m not sure what color theme he would prefer yet because the other half is very picky in color codes with the item to be placed. Having his hantaran of the same design is no harm too, we could invert the colors, I have the white he can have the silver. I would really love the idea of having apple green pastel with pastel light pink as a combination, it looks so natural too.

A lot of inspiration of how to design the hantaran came from Arma Couture Collection and White Lace Tale Wedding. The idea of Arma Couture collection to keep the colors simple is elegant. I love the cushion they used for placing the items too but I bet that’s custom made, I can’t get any information so far on where to get those items. How I wish that my wedding is in Malaysia! Make preparation simpler and faster too. Not to mention its varieties of modern design and its elegancy. I want a neat design. Red and white roses is very much preferable, not necessarily fresh flowers. I think I could get affordable plastic flowers that look real in Miri, Sarawak or Happy Star Trading in Batu Besurat. I haven’t’ been able to wander around to bridal boutiques or shops that sells wedding favors yet. I have a packed weekend full of weddings to attend.

On a brighter note, I have my bestlady to help me out on decorating the hantaran. It is the initial plan because if we were to buy stuff form Malaysia or elsewhere and get the glue gun working, I bet we can manage to pull off more like similar design. Just  Maybe. She decorated my sister in law hantaran and was so beautiful. Thanks for her creativity. There are some boutiques that specialize in decorating the hantaran I browsed here in Brunei Darussalam cost me BND$25/gangsa so imagine me and him having 10 each i.e. total of 20 x $25 = BND$500 for just that! No way am I spending $500 on a decorating tray that I need to return back to the boutique. Though, I sort of love how they design, very creative too. Sigh. Anyhow, I’d rather save that and rent it for others in future, who know one day I become a wedding planner too? Hehe...

For the time being..

My hantaran design inspiration..

FIRST : Arma Couture Collection

- It was love at first sight..

SECOND: While Lace Wedding Tales

- This is very simple and I love it too! It looks modern ethnic.

THIRD: 4 wedding ku

- Now they have loads of varieties that you wish your wedding is in Malaysia!

More to come i think.. =)

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