Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Room: Planning

The initial plan is to extend the guest room on the ground floor for my future room. My current room is very cramp and relatively small with built in furniture’s and loads of stuff toys! When one comes into my room, they will definitely think it’s my niece or little brothers’ room. Hence, when the time comes that I going to get married, I need to be out of that room and let my little brother have my room. Then my parents told me to get their room and they will take the ground floor room. Soon when my brother found out that I’m planning to get married he told me to get his room instead because he’ll be moving out end of this year. Personally, I prefer to get my brother room because of the fair space. My parent’s room is too huge for me and I don’t like really big rooms! Big rooms = more space = you tend to buy nonsense stuff and to do even more shopping now and in future and most of all is that big room doubles the effort to cleaning it as well.

Anyhow, I don’t know exactly how much it would cost for room renovation. Say if I were to inherit my brother room which is currently fully carpeted in light with hints of dark blue color! Should I just stick with it or replace it with new carpets? The current condition is still alright, colors still in place but you know, it’s been there for almost 10 years and there’s few spots from liquid spillage and all. The furniture is still in excellent condition too. I’m in a dilemma to either buy a new set of furniture or just stick with the current one. I would love to have new furniture but then again, good and modern furniture set would cost roughly around BND$3000 am I correct? I did browse through furniture shops around Brunei and I have to say GUCCA @ Neometro situated at Batu Besurat or Delima Complex (behind tyre mart) has one of the best mattress and modern looking beds. Mattress price? *pengsan* ranges from above a thousand to many many thousands! The quality and comfort? Also pengsan, it’s so comfortable to the core that you just want to lie down there forever. I might exaggerate a bit there but yes, they’ve got one of the best mattresses by far. Framix (beside Maju Motors, Telanai) has also one of the best bedrooms set too but expensive!

I’m so curious to know roughly how much would cost me to renovate a room. With new bedroom set, new paint and get those decorations as like a backdrop, probably replace old carpets with new carpets or wooden flooring design, some minimal decoration to make the room beautiful for the occasion. The dream room would be having a walk in closet where I could stack my shoes beautifully; my handbags neatly arranged just like in princess diaries! It’s to die for! I bet all ladies out there would love to have a walk in closet too right? Anyway, back to reality! That’s not going to happen until I decide to design my own house to build! So I’m thinking is it possible to get the room renovated below BND$5k?

I’m also wondering if asking a quotation to the entire interior designers available in Brunei is FOC or we have to pay a fair amount of money to get them design. Hmm...

Now where’s that measuring tape?


  1. Im trying to budget my room renovation to 5K too but when I went out yesterday for survey, plus there's so much to be done for my future room, I'm sure it'll be more than just 5K. huhuhu

  2. Yatahkan I set like a rough estimate of 5K coz more than that is like berabis tah pulang kan.. but then again, modern furnitures is expensive terabang jua $2000 the most.. =( if room renovation dah mahal.. paksa tah gumpul usin even more ne.. sigh

    I haven't browse furniture d Miri plang but if include cost of sending pun i think more or less sama cia jua..

    I think this set us a self reminder hehe if one day buat rumah sendiri, make sure bilik future anak anak is modern enough for the mto use in 20 years later.. hehe So nda susah2 kan ubah suai berabis kan.. hehehe