Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello all brides to be!

I’ve been absence for quiet sometime.. As always *rolls eye* work overload and feeling exhausted every time I come home late afternoon. I don’t even have the mood to flip open my laptop and check for updates. It was a big mistake to go to work the next day after you came back from a vacation!

Beautiful Bandung. View from the top of Pasar Baru.
Kedai D'Fashion, Pasar Baru, Bandung
Baru satu kadai ne.. atu panuh lace tu kedalam dalam lagi!

My 2nd trip to Jakarta – Bandung this time is very much fruitful. Alhamdulillah I managed to buy materials for my solemization ceremony, malam ambilan, bought ready-made gorgeous Indonesian kebaya for I don’t know what ceremony yet! I HAD to buy because it’s so beautiful! I might just put it up for rent too. Bought a lot of laces too for upcoming bestfriends wedding function. Seriously, if you go to BANDUNG! It’s a MUST to go to Pasar Baru (for the ladies). We went there twice, our 2nd trip to Pasar baru were without the guys. We dump them to the factory outlet stores whilst we enjoy the no nagging and all girls shopping spree. 

We just HAD to go there again because I just knew that there’s this lace selling for BND$9.00 for 2.5 meter! Cheap kan.. mana nda boleh jadi gila d sana.. I bought my very much bling crown there for less than BND$100! Sini kalau sewa nyacah $100.00 kan.. bought layah is what you called them? The one that settles on your tudong metal bling flower for about BND$60.00! Mana nda siuk tu kan!? 

I even have thoughts of opening up a mini bridal boutique after I get married.. reasons? Almost ALL my attire are custom made, I bought crowns and layah, I bought this so gorgeous Indonesian kebaya, I have hantaran trays for 24 dulangs, I have bling bling shoes to match with each of the attire and I have good potential to be a wedding planner!

Laces! Name your requirements! They have it!
Anyway, I’ve sorted out the shipment for my wedding door gifts and Alhamdulillah; it has arrived safely yesterday to my home. I was considered lucky to get cheap shipment to Pontianak, Indonesia because the shipping company situated just at the back of Mangga Dua, Jakarta only ships around Indonesia so I had to seek help from family friend to use their address in Pontianak for shipping. So from Pontianak I had to pay someone to bring the doorgifts to Miri,Sarawak then my parents collected from there. 

HAPPY & SORTED! So kirakan bebaloi lah my doorgifts nda semahal I expected it would total up to be. I was dead worried that I had regrets making the doorgifts jauh-jauh kirakan nda balik modal.. but Alhamdulillah syukur balik modal banar.. ehehe

I've also managed to strike off one from the list of hantaran leaving me ONLY one left! 

So for the doorgifts update..

Majlis Akad Nikah & Hantar Berian – 3 months before wedding barutah start production.

Majlis Berbedak
(a)Individual Female & Male gifts – DONE! Bought everything in Jakarta, Tanah Abang. Cheap cheap!
(b)Guest Female & Male gifts – DONE! It was all in one go in the shipment.

Majlis Sanding – Alhamdulillah DONE! =) There were 3 defects but Insyallah cukup.

Majlis Berbedak Mandi – Not decided yet, proly kuih kering or cakes?

Majlis Ambil-Ambilan – Not decided yet, proly makanan jua kali..

Ok, enough said.  Till next post soon InsyAllah.
p/s: my chatbox is flooded with spam so I decide to put it down. 


  1. bestnye bandung!! i xbekesempatan nk g bandung..
    hhaaarruuss g next time..heheh..

    u, i linked n folo u k?

    TQ dear.. :P

  2. eh, u from brunei ke? nice to meet u!!

    excited dpt kwn from brunei..heheh

  3. Yep from Brunei.. =) saya pun excited dapat rakan dari Malaysia..
    bandung sangat best.. hehe nak pergi lagi dan lagi dan lagi.. heheh nanti lepas kawin boleh pergi bandung.. pergi factory outlet shopping baju-baju.. hehe =)

    Yea sure kita exchange link..

  4. waaa gi bandung, that one on your pic one of the best kedai kain kat sana...

    i ada wat pakej tour bandung jimat2 je, if anyone interested ada kat my blog

  5. Waah foto bandungnya bagus =)

  6. Assalamualaikum.. What was the door gift exactly? Teringin nak pergi bandung la :-)


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