Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jakarta Again!

Daisypath Vacation tickers

VaavaaVoom! Alhamdulillah... just today I received an official approval on my leave and going overseas. Tickets confirmed, Hotel in Jakarta and Bandung is also confirmed. Appointments with boutiques, vendors confirmed. Transportation also confirmed. Money? *kurik-kurik bank* 

I so can't wait because again i'll be going with my bridesmaid. =) Unfortunately one of my bridesmaid who followed me to Jakarta last december couldn't make it the other join instead. We plan on celebrating one of my bridesmaid hen night too! We'll see how it goes once we arrive there. 

1 Week & 5 Days left until WE ALL GO KAPIH! but luckily we came back right in time on payday... *big grin* 

Ohhh laces... Ohhh laces... Ohh Laces.... Here we come!! 
Ohhh Bakso... Ohhh Bakso... Ohh Bakso... Here we come!!
Ohhh Teh Botol.. Teh Botol... Teh Botol... We crave for you!!

So can't wait to get that indonesian dialect back and utilize it in Indonesia! 

*wide smiles*

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