Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Smoothly progressing..

Hello dear readers,

Bare with my super duper long post.. update jua banar bah ahh on progress..

Time passes so quickly without even realizing we’re nearly on the middle of March! Less than 7 months! I’ve been busy helping out my best friend wedding preps so I set aside my preps. I’m pretty much confident now that I have few items out of the list leaving me some bits and pieces.

Venue: Alhamdulillah, I’ve made a deposit to block the date. The manager offered me a new set of pricing i.e. $3 extra for each person i.e. $3.00x 1000 = $3,000! Freaking $3,000 is a lot! But I had to query back since I made the booking last year. Initial plan was to pay the deposit early but the manager went off for a long break so it’s not my fault right? Anyway, VENUE IS CONFIRMED!

Wedding Dais: So far I only liked two vendors out of the five recommended ones. I went for a consult at the vendor sometime last year or sometime in January. Received the quotation too and reasonable since the caterer & venue covered $600 of the pelamin cost. I just have to add few hundreds to get the dream pelamin and few more hundreds for pelamin at home. I did go to other vendors but I don’t have that “click” relationship with them so I settled with this particular vendor. The other half pelamin is also under the same vendor for easy transaction and communication. I feel it’s more convenient that way. What I love about this vendor? This person is so good and friendly; they have nice fake flowers and original design. Gave me good discounts too and packages! Eheee =) WEDDING DAIS CONFIRMED!

Sanding & Berbedak Door gifts: Done and ready for collection. Contacted the vendors in Jakarta and everything is complete that includes the door gifts for the Majlis Malam Berbedak. Its confirm that I’ll be going to Jakarta in 2 weeks time to collect them and sort our the shipment from there. I contacted my friend to check and probably sort out the shipment soon but he told me not to worry since my wedding will be in October! Long time lagi~ hehe

Photographer: This is such a relief~ Paid my photographer full and noting left.  I just love staggering payment or do the month-to-month thing. Didn’t realize that you finished everything months before you’re wedding.

Videographer: Deposit half the amount leaving me to pay half upon completion of the video.

Make up Artist: Done too. Though I need to reconfirm with them just in case they lost the bookings and everything. Scares the hell out of me when I met one of the MUA at my friend wedding who will be doing my Nikah asking me “Eh adakan?” So yea, need to double triple confirm with all of them!

Majlis Muleh 3 Hari Attire: I received some recommendation by few friends that Aaliyah Asmara Boutique in KB makes the best Indonesia kebaya. So I went there, made an appointment to seek for consultation on the fully beaded lace I bought in Jakarta last December. Deborah; the manager emailed me recommend design sketches with quiet reasonable price too. Well I did some research beforehand contacting few Indonesian designers I know asking for a quote. But rethinking that I need to spend few hundreds to buy a ticket there to collect and the hassle to book hotel set a new budget for another Jakarta trip just balances out the cost making one in Aaliyah Asmara. Traveling to Kuala Belait isn’t as far compared to traveling to Jakarta; to go for frequent fittings will also be easier. I’m still thinking of making my solemnization attire at AA but I need to get the perfect fabric or lace in Jakarta soon!
Wedding Attire: Technically had the appointment end of January but we delayed it to maybe after the Jakarta trip. We decided on the colors already so no more color searching and arguing. Deal with this next month of sometime in June.

Invitation: I am yet to visit another company that I heard made cheap invitations but I have one flagged already since they gave me a very good package deal. Will deal with all this like 3-5 months before the wedding. Now is still early.

Tents: I haven’t follow up with this one and only company yet. They promised to visit my house last time but maybe she’s extremely busy and forgot all about it. Need to get the new pricing with them soon.

DIY Projects: Corsage? Not yet. Haven’t think about it. Guest book? Not yet. Bought the materials, paper but no initiative to start yet. My one and only flowergirl flower? Half way done and still hanging unfinished.  

The Hantaran: This is so exciting because we’re almost there! Alhamdulillah!

It is agreed that we’re going for the 15-15 dulang. I wish we could go 7-7 but that’s just impossible.

For him:

1.     Al-Quran, Tasbih & Sejadah: Checked!
2.     Workwear : Checked! Bought last year.
3.     Shoes & Sock : Check for shoes but not for socks.
4.     Watch: Fuhhh such a relief that we finally receive what we ordered! This is the most anticipating item we have been waiting for! Just received them last week!
5.     Grooming Kit: Checked for the perfumes, aftershaves but not the grooming kit yet.
6.     Towel & Toiletries: Checked! =) Good deals at Dubai.
7.     Wallet & Belt: NOT YET! =( Still thinking what to select.
8.     Stationary Set: Checked! =) Bought last year.
9.   Cara Melayu + Tenunan + Sinjang = NOT YET! Relax-relax dulu.
10Chocolates: NOT YET! Relax-relax dulu karang expired!
11Food: Obviously uh-uh!

For Me:

1.     Al-Quran: Not yet. Very picky I am.
2.     Sejadah: Checked!
3.     Telekong: Checked! Bought in Indonesia very cheap!
4.     Jongsarat: NOT YET =( Been planning to go arah kedai tenunan but haven’t had the time.
5.     Watch: Again the most anticipating item. CHECKED! Bought is last year knowing the price of the watch will increase yearly. I can’t wait to wear the precious!
6.     Toiletries & Towel: Checked!
7.     Perfume: Bought only one because it was on clearance Christmas sale in London. More to come..
8.     Make up: NOT YET. Torn between few brands. I might rethink on this. Probably few of the face products that I’m using and less make up.
9.     Shoe: Checked! This is the first thing that we bought for hantaran!
10. Handbag: NOT YET. Waiting for summer sale.
11. Kain: NOT YET. Waiting for new arrivals and new designs.
12. Tudong: NOT YET. Waiting for new arrivals.

Wedding Band: Grrr this will take ages! The other half doesn’t like wearing a ring. So to get the platinum would be such a waste. He recommends silver, I’m cool with that but I am yet to search for my wedding ring and definetly mine will not be silver *LOL* We set a budget but haven’t start searching. Still early don’t you think?

We’re almost there insyALLAH..

Take care all bride to be. =) 


  1. wow..sudah banyak yang checked..hehe

  2. Alhamdulillah dapat tah relax sedikit tapi susah jugak kina.. kiter orang banyak acara so banyak doorgifts nak d fikirkan dan sebagainya.. attire and all.. so this is only like 50%..

  3. wow.. you're progressing quick! insya Allah.. a month before the wedding, everything will be settle tu :)

    Go Inaza! ;)


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