Sunday, February 20, 2011

"International" Wedding Fair

The International Mini Wedding Expo

The so called "International" wedding fair is overrated by the media's. Remember years ago there's this wedding exhibition held at the mall where vendors from Malaysia, Singapore and all over came to promote their business with photographers, bridal boutiques and all. It was the boom because I still remember up till now about it. This? Sadly there's only few.. Only two photographer participants from Taiwan/ Singapore "Blue Bay Wedding" and "The Feline Bridal" from Singapore. Forever blooms is handcrafted clay floral flowers also from Singapore. Weirdly; carpets from Iran (?) and bridal arch, some vendors promoting their door gifts. 

I wish that they will think about something BIG.. you know how wedding in Brunei happens like every sunday or saturday night. It will be great that ALL bridal boutiques in Brunei participate. In that way people know the bridal boutique exist. Promote their business! That goes the same to photographers, not only the professional ones but also those newly established business. All the pelamin vendors, gather all the make up artist in Brunei, the designers (?), Florist, Catering, Tents... I'm sure it'll turn to something big and helpful for all the bride to be too. 

Anyhow, despite that small international exhibition.. I got hooked up by one photographer with the packages they offered. It's from the feline bridal in Singapore. They have this tempting package that offers a pre-wedding shoot for $1888! The usual price is $2988. The package includes an outdoor transport, make up and hair do for bride and groom, hand bouquet, free usage of wedding accessories, up to three changes of attire for both, 20 pages of 15'R storyboard album, 20 pages mini album, 1 choice of bed top canvas, and 1 table top like 8R size and dvd copy of the photos taken. The package also include a 3D2N hotel! Tempting right? So we discuss with the lady in charge on the deposit and all, they asked for a minimum $50 deposit to lock the package price. The great thing about it was.. we have like 5 years to do that wedding photo shoot. So even after our wedding we can go to singapore and get photographed with the package we deposited. Without thinking any further, we (me and my girls who's getting married soon too) sealed the deal on the spot because we were tempted with the idea of taking photographs around singapore. Raffles Place, Marina Bay Sands etc. 

Came home... I did some google research about this Feline Bridal... and... I'm left now worried. Read some bad reviews about Feline Bridal and the service they will give when we came there and many more reviews. Sigh. I think we rushed into things but I'm trying now to stay calm and positive. Told the fiance on the package I just sealed with and he suggested we do the photo shoot after the wedding when money is no longer tight and no restriction in photo taking ehee. Good idea! So it'll be sometime in December i guess..  *fingers cross*

So far updates on my wedding preparation is currently nil. I haven't even complete the pomander ball yet because Hokko ran out of that particular flower *pfft* I haven't even start DIY-ing my proposed guest book yet, I also planned on DIY-ing family corsages but I'm slacking.. I contacted my door gift vendors in Jakarta and it'll be completed sometime around 25th February in time for me to arranged the shipment on my march trip to Jakarta. 

"Negara Ku Brunei Darussalam"
Semoga Negara Brunei akan sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah dan sentiasa di rahmati.. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin... 
23rd February 2011


  1. do you have the picture of the pomanders you made? i wanna see.. please ((=


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