Friday, March 2, 2012

Long Time Absence

Assalamualaikum dear readers!

Sorry for the extremely long absence in updating this blog. There's no intentions of me to neglect this blog all along but being stuck in a lot of task to be done during the phase of planning my wedding day and at the same time helping few best friends wedding.

But i'm all good now and I wanted to share all the wedding experience to all you bride to be. Some tips InsyAllah where to find stuff and all. I know wedding is getting expensive every year and extravagant.

Without forgetting.

CONGRATULATIONS to those who got hitched recently, last year or days after my last post. A huge congratulations.

Alhamdulillah, I'm now a Married women. Selamat di Ijab Kabul kan berwalikan my father with my other half on the 21st October 2011.


InsyAllah, I will try my best to update on the next post. Maybe on Invitations. Designs, places to find cheap invitation and how to manage guest list.

To the brides to be.. Good luck with the wedding preparation. Patience is always the key. Never panic! ;)

hugs and kisses,
Mrs Inaza


  1. Hi sis.. I would like to find out your experience with Feline bridal on their service standards and quality of gowns provided.. I understand you got them as your photographers kan?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello there dear! sorry for the late reply.. been slacking AGAIN..

    Ouh feline bridal is not my official photographer.. i did sign up for their wedding photo package that will be held in Singapore but haven't had the time yet the mood for a photoshoot. So can't do much with the review.. I did a research and was slightly worried and when i went to singapore for a transit I passed by the shop and it looks well from the outside.. We did a deposit of B$50.00 only and the package we signed can last for 5 years. hehe My official Photographer is Masamichi.

  3. Welcome backkk. do sharee. we're panicking a bit here ;p

  4. Hehehe i'll share by commenting on your post...:) i'll visit the bride to be blogs insyallah selalu.. Coz at the moment i'm lost in words on what to share.. Dont panic! InsyAllah everything will be ok.. Always delegate ure task when u feel its bringing up a burden.. :) delegate to someone you really really trust! :)

  5. delegation - noted! thanks *lols* paksa put 100% trust ni. mesti learn to let go a bit jua. mun inda confirm susah hati memanjang tapi on the bright side, kalau susah hati memanjang there's a big chance of losing some more weight hahaha


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