Saturday, October 16, 2010

Emerald Green Theme

My previous post was about Dark Purple Theme that is suited for evening reception and obviously, I have to think about what theme shall we pick for the morning reception i.e. Majlis Bersanding. Then someone drop me a suggestion on writing on green color theme.

Coincidently, I was thinking on picking up green for the wedding reception except that I’m torn between choices of shades available! With the varieties available i even got mixed up with blue! *knocks head*

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Green, it is a very subtle color to choose because it will not necessarily fit into everyone. So the shades of green are very important. Green is fresh and warm! I do believe that choosing theme color for wedding reflects the character of the bride and groom too. I’m not sure how far would you agree me on this but couple of my friend told me, family members that I tend to choose bright vibrant colors compared to dark earth tone colors because of my character being lively, animated and bubbly. In my wardrobe I only have few dark shades attires and most of them comprises of green, red, shades of pink and white. I seldom splurge on dark purple or any dark colors. It all has to be bright and lively. Besides, color does play a little in your emotions too. On a day when you’re feeling down, you wear dark gloomy clothes, it will and do have an impact to your emotions too, you tend to sulk and pampered that gloomy feeling. However, when you wear bright color, it will get out the positive aura in you. Anyhow, not sure how far you agree with me on this but I believe in it quiet a bit.

Gorgeous! Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Back to the green theme, if I were to cover the shades of green it would be a lot so I’m concentrating on the shades of green that I personally love!


Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Look at the above picture! OH SO GORGEOUS! suites with white, deep purple and many more! 

I’m always confused between emeralds green with teal! Thanks to the power of Google that gave me visual aids on differentiating!  But both colors are elegant, classy and just beautiful!

I guess we don’t really have to worry much when choosing green because, green is a natural color and fits to ABSOLUTELY ANY! Pink? Red? Silver? Black? White? Suites all. We also don’t have to worry much because most of Malay wedding dress will have highlighted sequence and bedazzled by the swarzaki crystals embedded on the fabric so without a doubt you will be the beautiful bride walking down the isle.

If I were to choose emerald green/teal for my wedding a combination of white with it is lovely! And not forgetting hints of hot pink too! The pink will bring out the contrast of the dark color and makes it even more vibrant and lively! So imagine the hot pink embedded on the dark green fabric. It will naturally shine! That I am lost for words now!!
THE COMBINATION OF COLORS IS JUST NICE! EARTH TONE for those who likes dark elegant color!
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Let the picture explains everything and how beautiful emerald green is..
More next time InsyALLAH… For now.. I'm off for an invitation to celebrate eid by Baiduri Bank and Maher Zain will be performing! Whoopiedu!!

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Looking at more pictures makes it even harder to choose a theme color! Why do colors comes in a lot of shades! 

Did you know pastel green or sage is very beautiful as well? Suites best with pastel colors like pink, purple, yellow! 

Visit this site for more info on color combination with respect to season, not that in Asia there is 4 season but we can always use the winter colors for evening reception right?! CLICK HERE 


  1. Emerald green is definitely gorgeous, and sage as well. But it's kinda hard to find the deco materials in these shades of green.

  2. exclusive, elegan and gojes ! rich colour !

  3. Rilla >> Its sooo gorgeous... but yea, i have to agree with you that finding decoration to match the color is tough... although green is considered universal but emerald green matches only with few.. i certainly don't want my wedding to be like a jungle *LOL* coz too much green.. hahaha

    Nora >> Yeppp tapi hijau ne kann susah lah nak decide.. too many shades... heheh pening gak..