Friday, October 1, 2010

Deep Purple Theme

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Imagine this.. Black Shimmering Beaded French Lace of black and hints of white with Deep Purple Silk Satin evening gown for an Evening reception.. ♥ You walk down the isle with the other half wearing a white suite with deep purple silk tie, hints of black thread sewn on his suite.. accompanied by bridesmaid having the contrast color of your gown, spot lights on you and there you are, walking elegantly in a deep purple shimmering evening gown. *dreams* I've been thinking on what color of evening gown will be suitable, observing friends wedding on their color theme in the evening and as recommended by MOST of the bridal boutique; evening reception theme color is usually darker shades that brings out the brighter aura in the bride and groom. Usually blue will be the choice for some that includes my brother's wedding years ago, my friends; yes 3/5 of them choose blue for evening reception.. so no more blue.. 

So I find DEEP PURPLE elegant and classy. 

It appeals to both masculine and feminine side and I bet the other half will not complain much since he likes pink too. Darker versions of color can also integrate with a Fairy Tale Wedding theme. Not that I want a fairy tale wedding unless I want to fork out thousands for it. But i want it to be simply elegant. 

Purple can be combined with pinks and green for the dramatic and stunning effect. I tell you, purple and pink fits in perfectly~ Just see the below picture! Hot!! Black will go on well and white too, even more elegant and classy. For a modern and contemporary; silver and chrome works well. 

" Purple is a lavish, sultry and sophisticated colour, so make sure to include it in favours, table confetti, balloons and decorations, not to mention the flowers. Elderberries, blackcurrants and grapes spread around the venue also make a natural and tasty way of showcasing your colour scheme." 

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I also came across this website named weddingsday that gives varieties on flowers with the color scheme. Such as the picture shown below and many many more famous ones like lily, lilac, orchid, roses, tulips... 

Hmmmmm... tempting! 




  1. i;m agree wit u inaza..deep purple looks elegant..:)..lagi2 kalau org tu kulit cerah..memang nampak glow in da dark..hehe

  2. Yep yep.. deep purple cantik kan.. very suitable kalau during evening reception... =))

  3. Hello Miss Inaza.

    I find deep purple is very.. ROYAL. Haa.. That's the word!

    Kalau kita imbau zaman dulu kan.. Time Medieval kat Eropah, orang yang ada darah diraja je boleh pakai baju warna purple camni tau.. Sebab dyes untuk buat baju purple sangatlah mahal time tu, orang kaya je yang mampu beli. Apa lagi deeeep purple. So, if you decide to use this color for your wedding, sure nampak grand dan mahal! Haha~ apela ayat Cik Sue ni..

    Anyway... All the best preparing and most importantly, have fun at it!

  4. hi miss inaza..
    yup, kaler purple nih sangat cantik. tapi kan kaler ni not really suitable untuk org berkulit gelap. nanti nampak makin gelap..hehehe

    sedikit info:

  5. hiiiiiiiiii dear.i'm back. =) OMG ! i really love purple ogeh hehe. Btw saya dah xguna link nora aira tu. nanti ada masa ganti dengan link baru ni ek =)tengs dear.

  6. Suzie Sueweeets :: Wow! I didn't know about the history behind deep purple color but impressive! thanks dear for the information.. masa ni tengah pikir2 when nak pakai deep purple ni.. ikut kata hati nak during evening reception tetapi the other half nak white lepas dia tengok Dr Sheikh Muzzafar wedding tu.. hehe but thanks dear for the info... ni nak hasut lah ni the other half to pick deep purple too! hahaha

    Dhalila :: Wahh! interesting link =)) Thanks dear... yep yep deep colors tak sesuai with kulip gelap but kalau perempuan depends entirely on the make up jugak kan...

    Anaztasias :: Weheeeeeee.. welcome back! =)) okie saya akan update link soon k? masa ni tengah sibuk sangat dengan kerja.. nak update pun takder masa.. =(( idea dah macam macam.. hehe take care dear!