Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown to...


Daisypath Vacation tickers

I know that it's a month more to go but WE are so excited! the other half leave has been approved! My Maid of honors leave is approved! AND most of all! my leave is approved that i feel like hugging the boss! *LOL*

  • Hotel? CHECKED! made reservations at Jakarta Hotel and also at Bandung! 
  • Budget? CHECKED! we made breakdowns and paid for the hotels in full price so we don't have to think about the cost of accommodation.
  • Transportation? ON THE WAY.. We were torn between choices because i received quiet a number of recommendations
  • Itinerary? 60% Done! need to make some final touch up because i've received some other Must go Places too! 

That 6 days vacation somehow is NOT ENOUGH but anyhow! I'm still looking forward to it! Merely excited~ I will make a travel blog on it too as this shopping vacation is on a mission! 

Anyone knows where is the recommended place to get those hantaran trays? and bunga telor? I know Kuala Lumpur has loads of it but just wondering if i could grab it in Indonesia. Thank you. =) 


Which i hope we won't get carried away with other tempting items! 



  1. Hehe have fun!!! :D

    I love wedding shopping but selalu jua benda lain yg nada dlm list di beli. Lol! I'm going to KK next. *inda pandai abis shopping nya aniii* Lol

  2. Thanks dinda.. =)

    Sebulan lagi kan blayar tapi excited giler udah.. entah udah sampai sana apakah lagi... hehehe bini2.. manaaa lah tani pandai abis shopping.. ada ada saja kan d bali... hehe wah have fun in KK! i havent been to KK lama banar dah... i heard shopping sana pun not bad~