Thursday, September 16, 2010

Festivity Mood

Apologize for the long absence on blogging about wedding and random thoughts, as you all aware that it’s the festive season and I bet everyone is also busy visiting family members, relatives all over, future in-laws and friends. I hope that readers out there are having fun celebrating, attending open houses and meeting old friends!

So we know..when it comes to Eid Mubarak, we can go financially broke early! For the simple reasons, paying your tailored attire, buying biscuits and cakes. Double or triple the groceries shopping for the Eid celebration and all. Honestly, I myself went over budget this month with cakes and all sorts of items purchased but I had a glimpse of sadness too that stopped the shopping half way through and thought about the people in need.  Never forget them too whilst having fun celebrating, if you stumble across an old wooden house, do drop by and ask, give a helping hand and share. It touched my heart and till now, I can’t stop thinking about it. Well, throughout the ramadhan period there’s a lot of helping aid given to the people in need shown in media and Alhamdulillah, our rakyat is kind enough to contribute and especially to His Majesty the Sultan for the kind and thoughtful gift for the people in need. Set aside, sentiasalah bersyukur kepada Allah S.W.T.

I have noting big or ideas to share at the moment because I’m having that working blues, festive mood. It’s good to know that the other half is having fun celebrating eid across the continent and great to know that he fully utilize the money I gave him for his hantaran shopping. Yes, I know it’s very early to buy but why not if you get the chance right? Some shops is still having sales and I purposely told him to go shopping for his stuff first because he knows what he wants and just spare the time next year for another shopping trip for my items. As of now, Shoes, Stationary sets and Smart shirts bought and done! Only few item left for his side and the most crucial and expensive bit is the watch! Need to save more!!  But I’m happy I’m making progress though it’s just little.

December is coming soon and one of my bridesmaids has already set the date when she’s getting married on December to prevent clashes with me. So far she’s picking the middle December so I might be going for early November. I’m not risking the 11.11.11 because I heard one of my relatives would be tying the knot too. The other half wouldn’t mind about dates and early November; the 1st week would be the other half mother birthday, perfect! I’m planning on a 4th November 2011 for solemization and bebedak lelaki, 5th for bebedak perempuan, 6th for reception and 12th for majlis kesyukuran. We still need to discuss with the other half parents, need to do it soon because my bridesmaid told me that a lot of venues are fully booked! I hope the venue I’m aiming still has an opening on those dates.

I’ll try to kick in that wedding mood in soon! Hehe

Have a blissful raya dear readers. 

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