Friday, September 3, 2010

2011 Wedding Dates

Good day all brides to be..

It will be another week till be bid farewell to the most holy month; Ramadhan before stepping to the festive season; Syawal where working hours will be long and back to the normal days. Hopefully this year Ramadhan will be more meaningful than previous and even more meaning in later years InsyAllah. May Allah accept your every Doa and shower his countless blessings upon you and your entire family. *amin*

So it just struck me that calender days in 2011 will have quiet a number of BEST DATES to be getting married. I was browsing through my calender roughly thinking what date is best for the wedding on november next year. Then! If i were to have my wedding on 11 November 2011, it'll be like 11.11.11 the SIX one's. As nice it may sound i bet a lot of wedding will be happening on those dates!

Here's what i came across that coincidently falls on peak days:

  • January Wedding, 1st January 2011 (1.11.11) - Saturday
  • November Wedding, 20th November 2011 (20.11.2011) - Sunday
  • November Wedding, 11th November 2011 (11.11.11) - Friday
I have two choices, either to have a wedding with a date that is easy to be remembered knowing that there will be a lot of clashes and weddings happening around OR just set any dates and no crowd clashes. 

I like the idea of ANY dates is alright. Would you even believe that me and the other half don't remember much on our anniversary? and YES, that ticker on the dashboard is really helpful after I had to find my old diary remembering on the day the other half proposed! We became a couple in a different way, he proposed and i gave him an answer after quiet sometime later~ yes, the wait is long.. so we didn't really get that exact date and just roughly estimate~ Upon anniversaries, that most of the time me and the other half forgets! either one of us will go "Ouh! January~ its the day we met again after so long! Happy Anniversary!" We were schoolmates back in primary, then years later we went into a situation where "hey, your are familiar? have we met?" kind of thing and starting keeping in touch with each other and one leads to another and this is what we end up..  

So what I'm trying to imply for myself here is that, It would be nice and lovely to have a beautiful date on the wedding to remember by but then again, after thinking hard... any dates would be alright... Gahhhh... I'm rambling here... panic on the thoughts of having clash weddings with friends or family members! 

I'm still feeling blur and not having that Festive Season Vibe yet? Is it me or there's anyone feeling this way too? =( I haven't even start baking when I did plan of making Kek Lapis and some biscuits. Purchase some brownies. Probably bake profiteroles or eclairs for 1st day hari raya, red velvet cupcakes for guest. BUT why oh why I don't have the vibe yet.. No vibe = No mood = No baking! 

I want begawan solo biscuits...  


  1. follow your heart words dear..kalau amek 11.11.11..kite akn kawen ari yang same insyaAllah..:)

  2. yeayy... finally jumpa lagi b2b 2011. salam kenal..

    it's ur wedding so u have to decide it with both family. selalunya yg suggestnya kita2 lah kan, but parents will approve. good luck tau pilih tarikh. i pun tak sure the date yet but most probably after raya. i mean next year. ;)

  3. At first I wanted a 11.11.11 wedding and suggested that. Tapi banyak sangat aral melintang. Clash with bf's friend's date too. So right now I just don't bother, asal kawin sudah, hahaha. It's us whom will be giving the meaning to the dates. And my future hubby is reliable in remembering dates, so far.

  4. Shakina, yep yep.. tapi your latest post ni belum habis saya baca.. meaning disebalik hari hari tu.. so i may take that into consideration.. =)

    Mizz Amy, hi dear b2b! =) Salam kenal and thanks for dropping by.. kite exchange link ok? Oh! yes about wedding date tu usually parents decidekan because kena discuss with other family members takut ada jugak anak mereka yang kawin dekat2 time tu kan.. but ni i plan roughly dulu.. hujung tahun suggest kat both sides family... but then again, any dates will be alright kan.. oh yea! nak tak into consideration raya and puasa tahun depan jugak kan...

    Rilla, Hahah yes! Clashes tu tak best kan.. especially when guest list tu sama.. u know that's what is on my mind too... asal kawin! kalau dah kawin nanti blakang punya cerita tuk remember that date.. me and my future husband will put a reminder kat phone masing2 coz terlalu forgetful! heheh

  5. babe, as in my case, my fiance pon agak cerewet ngan date, sy lagi la bergande cerewet. i have entries on the history of our date, bertunda² sbb nak date cantek. finally from 10.12.10, i said, "let's get marry 3weeks after - 1.1.11" finalized and row our boats! sy ikat pertunangan for 1 year 4 months. ade hikmah disebalik tertunda. alhamdulillah.

    all the best babe! tapi kalau u decide on 11.11.11, sy nasihatkan book the major thinggy cepat. for my date, takot fully book, sy sudah book 12 months before :D play safe babe! all the best *hugs*

  6. Ah yes! I was told if nak pilih date yang cantik2 ne.. semua kena booked awal.. especially now that i heard a lot of my batch nak kawin so semua nak berebut venue.. kat brunei ne venue tak banyak lagi susah~ but thanks for the reminder! I have yet to finalize a venue but still pending on the date..

    hahaha you know at first my wedding planning bulan 7-8 sekali the other half parents has to settle down and all so postponed till hujung tahun.. you know i felt happy instead! more money dapat save!! cashflow pun better.. *LOL* so i guess that's one of the hikmah kan? I haven't really discuss with dates because my fiance tak kisah asal we get married.. but both side of the parents will be fussy about this..

    You know, ure 1st proposed date 10.12.10 tu pun cantik the number! But anyhow, it'll be a new years wedding and a beautiful start as wedded couple.. =) Good luck with the preparation..

  7. and the best part is, my best blogger fren's wedding was 01.01.2010 and mine will be a year after. leh celebrate anniversary bersame *yeay* 10.12.10? it look better with 1.1.11 *haha* am i right?

    no worries babe, yang penting kite kawen, bersabor and tolerate. babe, start to diy kalau u suke diy stuff. the reason sy diy sbb im happy with my handmade walaupon simple and tak seberapa kreatif mane pon *haha*

    all the best babe. book venue n other major things. itu sangat penting.