Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brunei Wedding Expo

The Wedding Exhibition Happening from 6th October 2010 till the 10th October 2010! 
Venue: Times Square Shopping Centre

Will be looking forward to this... 
it's something fairly new to Brunei having wedding exhibition.. 


  1. Hi dear, i'm private my wedding blog for a while because of bad stalker. Maybe this my dugaan. I would like to invite u to my blog. can u sent email to my email : tengs

    i love this song!

  2. babe, go and grab sumtin okeh. start on preps!


  3. Hi nora! Sorry lambat nak reply.. been busy.. Ouh nak tukar private? Ermmm yelah susah jugak kan kalau ada bad stalker tu... okie i'll send you an email k? =) Btw, lagu ne memang cun tuk kawin.. cantik kannn...

    Lynda, Heheh YES! I hope at least photographer dapat... biar awal asal get the best.. hehe Thanks darl.. =D

  4. i wonder will there be any wedding expo lagi? i just missed the expo! =(

  5. haha Guess what anonymous? i missed it as well... i was so busy with my bestfriend engagement that i missed it... =( my mom did went there but she told me that it is not as big like years ago where malaysian vendors came to brunei... (the expo was yearsssss ago at the mall if u remember). She told me most of the good stuff are photographer offers... so i guess we didn't missed out a lot ey? =) lets hope there's something even more bigger than this..